Indian Food habbits -A view

Welcome to India...
The country where you find people of all types(economically) ,from beggars to millionaires.But the speciality of this developing country is everyone survives here.The poor lives happy in their world and the rich do.Indians have comparatively high appetite than other nation people.People dont eat junk and fastfoods like in Developed countries,instead they prepare and bake everything at home.And that food increases your strength and its lot strong food.But no one starves out here{ unless they are lazy to beg). In such a country ,with the trend of globalistation ,canthe international brands like Mc Donald's,KFC,papa johnnes..... can exist????

The answer is yes,bcoz Indians are changing their thinking these days.Traditional thinkers are changing their opinion on the western culture and they are themselves trying to fit into that culture.Thanks to the foreign reserves that are flowing into the country either in the form of NRI 's and by the Outsourcing in IT companies.Youth are getting job offers when they didnt even complete their teenage.This financial independence gave them a lot of room to follow western culture.They now eat at food joints and restuarants like McD's and KFC,They hang out in the nights at pubs.They started loving all types of wester things.Moreover KFC, MCd... have very nice price range for the indians.A burger just cost 20 rupees in KFC,McD[Even a rickshaw wala can eat it).Moreover people are also getting conscious of hygeine,calorie caluculation, status [people of middle class dont go to small food joints like earlier] and new tastes.They dont want to eat the same home food which they had been eating since 20 years after a longday of work.May be adults get bored of this fastfood but the teenager always will like this food.SO with the middle class people turning out to middle class and with the increasing income levels ,These Multinational branded restuarants have a big chance of survival .A big future lies for them


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