Microsoft debuts vista in the market

Before im going to tell you about vista lemme come up with some facts on Microsoft windows
-> 95% of world computer users run some sort of windows operating system

->In 2007,75% of the new computers will be loaded with vista
->Windows vista is available in 18 different languages and eventually in 100 languages .
Microsoft finally releases windows vista at retailers in 70 countries,delivering a new computer operating system that aim to better aim the explosion of the digital media and protect users from the dangers of the internet
. Hours before the software went on sale in New York,dancers clad in Microsoft colors dangled from ropes and unfurled flags to form the red,green,blue and yellow windows logo.Vista is launched in almost 70 countries along with new versions of Microsoft exchange email software and the flagship of office business suite which includes word,excel and powerpoint.people lined up in BIC departmental store in Tokyo to become the first customer of windows vista.consumers will need to upgrade their PC's to 1 GB RAM to run this high end user targeted operating system.The good word for Indian s is that Microsoft Hyderabad office has 40 patents under it in the latest OS.
Prices and Options :
*The genuine windows vista loaded PC's in india will retail at a starting price of rs 22,000 while Microsoft 2007 Office consumer edition starts at 6,000 **The foru editions are windows Vista Ultimate,vista home premium,vista home basic,vista starter.Office 2007 is available in to editions of office home & student 2007 and office basic 2007


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