How to get on with the exam stress

Today's students and their examinations - their relation is getting horrible with the increasing number of psychic problem's in the children.Some children going to the extreme limit of committing suicide.Whats wrong with them??ill throw some light.
Types of stress :-

pre examination stress [ tension of exam,competition......]
Post examination stress[results,people asking about the paper.....]
Factors resulting to these kind of stress :-

High expectations on the child [Every parents wants their child to top the class] Peer and parental pressure [comparing themselves with their friends and their friends talking about the paper after exams also - post examination stress]
A high need to be on the top to get a seat in some college
symptoms :-

getting exhausted while studying
Staying alone
Studying longtime without break
unhealthy life style
expressions of negligence
feeling of worthlessness
negative thinking
How to prevent this :-
Make a time table and try to follow it
take shot breaks in study
sleep well
talk to friends and family when you feel tired
when relaxing,never think of book

keep one thing in your mind that everyone will have the same feeling
have self confidence on you
Notes for the parents :-
Encourage and support your child.No one wants to fail in the exam.don't talk negatively about them.Dont force them just to study,It causes irritation in them on studies.Help them relax and let them be free.Once exam is over don't keep talking about how they did the exam again and again.This causes post examination stress.It will reach its peak by the time result is going to be out So parents direct the child towards good if he is inclining towards bad,But dont force them to be the best.Sucess will come to them at some part of life.


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