Movie direction .. [Indians should improve]

Indian cinema even though one of the largest movie making community in the world still lacks somethings..........what are the things that it lacks???????

CREATIVITY -- The most important thing that is needed for a movie and the element that misses in the Indian movie....Directors most of them lack this thing.......Most of them try to copy things from the Hollywood movies rather than coming up with the new concepts....The stunt masters ,they copy even the running style of the hero from the hollywood movie..and you know what ,when the director tries to copy,Audience do feel its copied even though they didnt watch the original.Most of the times one question arises in my mind whether directors do watch their movie after it has been made.If the directors do so and if they had got some brains,movies wont turn out to be a flop.

REALITY or Fiction -- The movie's theme should be based on one of these two things.Reality or ficition.Most of the directors induce fiction in the reality movies and vice versa .But you need to be extra careful when you are going to use both instead of using them alone.Making a ficitional movie is easy and making a reality based documentary or movie is easy,But making a combo of both of these is extremely difficult to handle.When you induce ficition in reality movie it should look like reality[Not merely a graphic crap to the viewers].So directors and technicians need to use brain for this.

Resources[financiers,equipment...] -- Most of the directors even if they are having the nice concepts,They cant get the producers and they cant afford the box office kings[heroes like khan's]. But thanx to the global MNC's like reliance adlabs and all who are buying heroes for nice amount securing their place in the industry for few time.But what about the directors and technicians...secure them also companies...It will allow them to come with more nice stuff and creative masterpieces

So finally directors in the globalisation era where world is just a little village to transfer information,If you wanna earn more profits and have stable industry sensex,come up with new concepts[ dont copy hollywood],catch up the nerve of the audience and learn about risk management in movie business....increase the quality of movies like hollyood does...Hollywood movie quality tripes every two years and indians takes 6-7 for 100% increase....So,I think there should be some MBA for this movie makers about how to get the profits in bad times also??Post your comments on this question guys!!!


That is whatis idian mentality.... Ready Made........We all ways prefer ready made... this has made the film industry infact every one stop thinking and go for ready made things. But few directors like of Anand and godavari fame.... we need to encourage more director like him....

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