Rakhi--movie for the cause

My reviews will b a bit different from other reviewers.

rating - 3

wat attracts the audience:- hero and director dying for a hit.Fans waiting for a hit from the combo

THE theme of the movie attracting lady masses

whats the movies faults:-
Hero size
Heroine calling NTR [bondam or fatty]
Lack of NTR's mass elements
movie is like broken pieces
Director cant keep up audience excited till the end
uninteresting court scenic in the end

A very nice theme-against the atrocities on the ladies

SKIN show by ileana in krishna vamsi,s style

NTR'S fabulous action and change in his style

Nice direction [ good in showing the atrocities]

surprise character by suhasini[unxpectingly a dashing police officer]

A very highly reputed cast

0 vulgarity and stupidity in the scenes

Totally a movie worthy to watch..Dont think about the hero and things...Go for the theme of the movie and a nice show by the hero.....If he had been slim the movie might had been a great show....still its a watchable movie..............


anta bagane cheppav kani why did u erite mass elemente were missing in the movie..u only told movie for cause..its quite interesting..
2)every body is tellin court scene is the heart for the movie..u r the first person who told its uninterestin..its also a bit interesting

apart from ll these ur rating and analysis are good

hey thats a fault that gundu is mine only

what's this gundu stuff???????? gundu means "fat" in tamil... and yea of course ntr is fat. and i also think that ileana isn't that good looking..

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