Social animals

From demands of the masses,Im elaborating to you who are called the high society kids and why they are called social animals???Luck and chromosomes play a major role in who gets cast with the golden spoon,but being a socialite is far above that..what it means is the way of your life.You need to do somethings to be a socialite
You need to have a boldfaced name
A person who looks graceable in page3
And finally you should be primping,pampering and partying all the time.
A socialite hangs only with other socialites.The reason is a socialite can grow socially under other socialite.The common thing in socialites is they would never do any work.
Tips for beginners :
Live on top of food chain
should be hot,urbane,anglicized and preferably moneyed
love the shutterbugs,air kisses and even touching you freely

But don't take these people as b grade kids.They are no more less than celebrities except some lack of utilitarian skills.

Advantages :
Never wait in queue
Always will have a table full of drinks like Grey goose..
Rubbing shoulders with celebs
being on family and friends lisr for discounts and sales at boutiques
invitations to the most glamorous sairess
have the hottest arm candy
on the page3 all the time
Invitations to 5 star hotels

Most known socialites are magazine editors[unlimited acess to designer closets],actress,host,model,publicist

Suggestions :
A normal person feels u people never think of your own family making your kids get ruined like you in the early stages of their life due to lack of parental care.Its not bad to have a great social life,But maintain everything with in the limits,so that no one have damage either you or your family
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