rating :: - 3fANS CLaiming it to be super hit bcoz of the fear that their hero will always remains as flop hero but the movie is just a average one .



Not bing in a expected pavan kalyan style

worst dubbing for Asin

lack of importance for heroine

ARTIFICIALITY---Looks like focussing on the elements which give hits to other heroes
[like telling no of police in hyderabad like chiru in tagore,trying to tell powerful dialects like ntr and nbk]

lack of logic [why hero comes back to hyderbad at the end of 1st half]

Music tried to be like badri's.[No tune rocked on screen except neevela ]

What attracts the audience

---pavan's charm[looked energitic after kushi]

---nice direction in the second half[in killing main villain]

--- sandhyas decent performance

---pavan's style of comedy in the start

---pavans constumes and dances like badri[neevela neevela and mehbooba]

---hit talk in the fans

---nice dialogues in the 2nd half

TOTALLY MOVIE RUNS SLOW in the first half but gains momentum in the second half with pavan trying his best in everything.Nagababu's comedy in the middle is kool but poor direction in the 1sthalf bores the audience.An average movie claimed to be a hit by the fan's but a watchable one for others for one time.


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