Tollywood politics

Note: All the view is just from gossips and rumours.Nothing commented here is intentional.No guarantee whether these are facts or not

ovies turning from being a entertainment source into political batleground especially this happened in the case of tollywood....

Lots of questions normally crawl inside a viewers mind like...

-> how lover boy udaykiran drops from no1 position to no 0 in tollywood????
-> How Nandamuri bala krishna reaches the ground position in tollywood???
->How big heroes and producers sons survives inspite of having shackled faces???
->How some 50 aged heroes get more hits on box office than young guns???
->How some heroes gets producers even after having 10 flops in a row???
->How some stars get awards like padmabhoosan when someother deserves it???

For a normal observer it all looks like game of luck...But a lot goes more in the film industry...
Politics,castes,groups,seniority...These all factors influence your position in the film industry...No one survives in the industry just with the talent...

One big hero gets a mighty award and doctorate when another actor[rajendra prasad] deserves it.The govt of state has 2 give the award to him bcoz of the fear that he might start a new party.

Most of the times i dont understand what makes the fans devote him that much that people still believe he rules the industry and he is a mega star.[:D]He just comes with a single dance step in the film and the film turns 2 b a hit.He is just cashing the fans madness.He releazes his movie with large number of prints and claims it to be a hit.Most of them are his fans bcoz of his caste and anti bala krishna ism.

Even his brother pavan kalyan looks charming than him and he is worth more.But bad selection of scripts caused this fellow to bcome 0 in tollywood.But still he collects more than many young heros because he is this big daddys brother.And another one from same family,the son of producer,comes out with a monkey kinda face and he is also a big hit.2 or 3 movies of them are a hit,But the fans madness is making them gain the cash.,Where the fans gets nothing from them

The big daddy poses himself as social service person but i never saw him take out a penny from his pocket and help out his fans.But fans are not bothered about it.They say their star has kind heart and the fans add more funds to the actor.The madness is always cashed.

This actor once said that another hero is like his mirror image in his early days and fixed a marraige of him with his daughter But the later broke the marraige and this hero crushed the later with his cniority in the field.

Take the case of another big hero in the industry who makes funny movies but he is still surviving in the industry.HE is son of the ex-CM of A.P.This fellow gets brainless directors and idiotic dialogue writers but still this fellow doesnt get his brain to work.He was on the top of tollywood for many days and he also crushed a lot of young talent.But he also tried to get all his family in the industry but only one can get the place in tollywood and now this big baby[J.ntr] of this family is also under threat of the casteism in the fans

one other big hero has got 2 sons one cant speak well and other dont have looks....still they are getting movies.I recommend raja and shivaji to be considered better than these fellows

There are lot of actors in the industry waiting for their turn to come and some waited till their 50's[ravi teja] and they doing better than these big papas in the industry now.Some other heroes have nice charm than these heroes sons and they are also waiting.

Only one guy of these heroes sons has got the charm and talent and he is mahesh babu.He only has the right to survive in the present industry scenario.There is one more hero named siddharth who is known for his attitude and charming in the gals after mahesh.Of the 50 aged heroes nagarjuna still maintains his charm as 30 aged heroes widout adding wieght to his body.Apart from these the other actors who are doing good and far away from these politic games are ravi teja[even though he shows mega star pic in his movie],prabhasmvenkatesh[working hard muscularly and selectionwise] are the heroes who can survive

better rest of the 100kg old asses and shattered faces leave the industry now.And fans watch movie for the story and concept,Not for your caste and hero.Let the game be fair


good reviews ,but better to be less critical

thnx for viewing the blog kishore..Ill look into your concern to say the faults in softer ways

what ever iam thinking about present situation, i see the same in ur review man

when u said why are people still watchin chirus movies whr as he is old and all agreed
wat about people watchin amitabhs movies
according to u he shud also sit at home
is iT????

mahesh babu is the only hero who is worth aaa

see his fans who gave open statements in MEDIA blackmailin future producers of maheshh





and good tht u wrote a review about annavram and rakhee
but wat hapnd about the review for sainkudu
u update tht first then we can discuss about other movies

amitabh never does shitty movies and chiru is no way comparable to him.............

moreover if i had been fan of mahesh i would had said sainikudu a hit...reviews are started just few days back and latest movies are only rakhee and annavaram....moreover im not giving biased reviews..what i have to do with mahesh fans blackmailing???talk with sense dude...dont get roused on comments on your hero..most of them might b facts

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If u want to give ur views! ..
We jus give a damn for ur views... when u are no way near facts .. I think u incorporated fiction into ur blogs also..

There will be n persons who deserve it but only a few get it .. I think u hate chiru .. thats the reason for this topic .. Mind u padma bhushan is awarded for his services and not acting .. His blood bank stood first continuously for 4 yrs.
and doctorate n people got it bfore him. rajendra prasad and brahma nandam got it bfore .. Do u think they deserve it bfore chiru ?? Are they greater than chiru.. That is wat is called as politics! .. some particualar section wants his downfall ..

When u said that amitabh never does shitty movies .. He isn't a god to do all good movies .. All got flops in their career .. But what we care is their performance ..

When u said that .. mahesh only deserves a place in tollywood .. U were absolutely wrong in it.. He doesnt deserve it jus because he has charm! .. He doesnt hve a proper dialogue delivery! .. U can clearly see it in sainikudu. he can tell only one-liners. when it comes to expressions .. he has only one expression like in athadu .. He doesnt show emotions in his face ..

Now u might be wondering how he got 3 or 4 nandi's continuously .. that is wat is called as real politics!
When nuvvu vastante nuvvu vaddantana got 8 filmfares inc. best actor and few nandi awards .. against athadu .. 1 or 2 filmfare that too for direction. Mr.Mahesh Ur So called best actor didnt get filmfare but how did he get nandi for athadu??
So just think about ur hero .. u think him to b superstar jus because he got 1 or 2 hits thats it! .. dude other than athadu,okkadu,pokiri rest are avg-flop movies .. Aren't they shit?

I know u will delete this post!

Gowry, you are not a worthy person for your post. If you dont know anything dont pretend.

Hey guys....if u r talking about some big daddy's in tollywood talk exclusively about them.....why the hell are u commenting upon MAHESH...He is the best and he will be the best...POKIRI has already proved it......

God information.

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