Agression in game [Cricket,football]

lots of times you see the professionals in the game getting agressive.Latest popular agressive incident is in the FIFA world cup when zidane hit a player.The reason might be unknown to us. But is the agression really needed in the game????
When one player goes agressive ,what other player has to do in return??Is it needed for the other to bang the person infront of him.If this thing is justified,then the game will look more like a battleground rather than a game stadium.When the professionals are paid high to play infront of us,Then why don't they restrict themselves to the game rather doing absurd things in the ground??? What the game councils has to do to stop players behave like street guys in the stadium??
This issue is most of the time related to ego of human and psychology,If players have to become professionals,they need to be different from the street players.So,professional players if u really want to look like a pro who is different and special,Behave yourself in the game.and team managements better train your pro's psychologically before you put them in your team.
Show your agression in the game guys,not in words.
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