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Merge splitted .mkv files

Learn how to merge splitted .mkv files (.mkv001,.mkv002...)

How to Zoom in and Zoom out your sql execution plan ?

Tool to tune your sql query

send .exe files with gmail

How to send files having blocked extension with Gmail ?

Multiple home pages in Internet explorer

How to set multiple home pages in internet explorer ?


The mistakes of a blogger

I may not be a problogger right now,But in the last 6 months I learnt a lot of things in blogging.When I look back,I see the mistakes which I had done,those mistakes which I don't want the other newcomers to do.Here are the mistakes which I commited earlier and which I dont want you to do:

Stop thinking of money: Stop thinking of getting money right on the start.I see a number of my friends who started blogging after seeing me thinking getting money is easier.My first 100$ came after 3 months .That's also a high efforts are needed for me to do that .I put a lot of man hours those days checking the adsense websites and learning about SEO optimisation.

Single area of interest : Stop writing about every thing if you are looking for some big thing in the future.Many of the new bloggers read about the keywords and the list compiled by some people and then write about each of them with topics related to insurance,pharmacy and all.But it's neither going to get you some good readers nor going to improve your earnings.Choose a particular area of interest in which you have prior knowledge and share your knowledge with others.

Concentrate on traffic: Make a plan for attracting traffic to your blog in the start.Just writing content and designing the page is not enough for you .Traffic is all what that brings you everything.If you do not concentrate on it in the start,you cant make some bucks or get some popularity. I wrote some quick tips to drive traffic to your blog.

Feed your readers : Most of the blog readers who visit repeatedly like to get subscribed to the feed.Most of the blogs have feeds who do not work or they don't have option so that users can subscribe easily through feed readers.So validate your feed at regular intervals.Give the users with the option of subscribe to the blog with links to different readers and give option of subscribing to your updates through email.

Get indexed : Most of the website like Technorati are these days suffering from indexing problem with the advent of growing number of blogs.So ping them if you want search engine to index your posts and get you some visitors.See my post on Technorati problems.Submit you blog to any directory or search engine you find.If yu are lazy in submission,forget about the traffic then.

Irrelevant rush: Rushing just to add some content to the page will also effect your regular readers.Maintain quality.come up with post titles which are relevant to the post and which are attractive.It will be better if your blog title is also relevant to your writing or is famous word..Take enough time to compose a post.One single post can make you famous.I take a lot of time compiling a single post.See my post here on how to avoid a blogger's block!!

Don't be a copycat : Stop being a copycat.I dont mean you to become a reporter searching for something new all the time.If you want to write about something which is already written by someone,write your view on that thing in your own language.Being totally a copycat will decrease your search engine ratings and readers also hate reading the same content.

Write for content rather than for search engine : Don't make your blog stuffed only with keywords and you compromising on writing some interesting stuff.When you write a large number of interesting posts,many of the keywords automatically come up.So dont worry about this search engine.See this post of copy blogger.

Never neglect your readers : Keep a check on the comments you get regularly and answer to the questions of your readers as soon as possible.This increases their response to the blog next time.Always maintain good relation with your readers and fellow bloggers.

Never give up : Finally don't abandon your blog after sometime when you are not able to make some money.Have patience.Keep coming with good posts.Maintain your blog that way for a year or so.I guarantee you,some day your blog pays you all your hardwork back.

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How to get rid of duplicate files in your PC ???

Got a hard disk with large space ?? Large number of files keep on getting copied to the hard disk and getting deleted.But some files who are same as old ones also get copied sometimes and you don't check whether it's a duplicate or not everytime.But someday you find that a large amount of your disk space has been used by these duplicate files.And you can't search for each duplicate file that day.Here is some software for you which can help you get rid of these duplicate files.
Download duplicate cleaner v1.1 from here
This software finds duplicate files and cleans your hard disk increasing the HDD performance.Its duplicate comparison is accurate and fast.It not only searches the local drives but also the network drives also.There are lot of flexible search options available for you.It never effects the windows and other critical system related files giving you needed protection.It lets you view timestamp and date of creation of each file before it do some alteration to it.This software has been helpful to me in organising my music library which had a lot of duplicate files.Finally the great thing is it's a freeware and just of 1.7 Mb.If you have other great softwares for this thing.dont forget to send me or post it as a comment.

How to get one click access to the sites which you visit frequently ??

One of my reader has asked me this question :

"Sir,I visit some sites frequently and I want to have one click access to them on my desktop.Can u suggest me something that can help me ?"

Rather than having a shortcut ,I prefer bookmarking to you,as bookmarking gives you one click access to the links in your browser.On the link which you want to bookmark, just right click on it and click on bookmark this link in Firefox.For Internet explorer,you can add to the favourites for getting one click access.Shortcut for bookmarking a link or adding it as favourite is cntrl + D.If you are a user migrating on different PC's every time,I recommend you to use online bookmarking services like which can give you access to your bookmarks anywhere,anytime.
If you want to create a desktop shortcut Follow the procedure below:
  • Right click on the URL and click copy shortcut in Internet Explorer.
  • Now go to the location where you want to have the shortcut and right click there and click paste shortcut and you are done.
You can also create a .url webshortcut by dragging the favicon in the adress bar to the required folder.If you don't have that site opened,you can still create a .URL file as follows
  • open a notepad.
  • type the following.
  • Replace the web link of mine with yours and save the text file in .URL format.

If you want to change the icon of the web shortcut which by default comes as the default browser icon ,follow the steps below.


The Icon Index and Icon File fields let you specify the icon for the .URL shortcut. The IconFile can point to your application's exe file (IconIndex is the index of the icon as a resource inside the exe).

If you have any questions like this,mail me.

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Google dekstop : I started loving it

Earlier when I used Google desktop,I thought its just something extra in the startup and will just increase the time of the startup of my PC.So I removed it.At that time If Im not wrong ,Google desktop has no feature of gadgets .All it used to do is index files in the PC and display it in web interface.The thing that I did'nt like at that time is it used to display internet files in the history and temp also when searching,which at that point I thought was weird.
But as I turned to be a hardcore internet user,I started loving all the features of Google desktop.All the things which I need are just a click away now.Even for getting a mp3,I don't need to scroll over all my disks to search for the particular song.Instead just type the name of the song in Google deskbar and you can see it right there in a small popup.Whenever I forget bookmarking some link and I close that page,I can get that link again by searching through my Google desktop.Google desktop also integrates indexing your Gmail inbox which help me search my mailbox without opening it.

Sidebar - A sidebar in the style of Vista displaying Google desktop gadgets has been introduced which is shown in the figure.

Gadgets - This thing is the one which forced me to reinstall the Google desktop these days.Google desktop has really got some cool gadgets in it.The gadgets Im using right now are Google desktop,A analog clock,photo slideshow,Hard disk life pro,To do and PC performance.If you don't want any of this gadgets,you can just click on the close button.If you want to add a new gadget,click on the '+' symbol on the top and you will a menu of the gadgets.Choose which one you want and click add and you can see the in sidebar.If you don't like the sidebar to be shown,just click the '-' button on the top and you will see it in your taskbar.
More gadgets can be found here
But something what I found in the present version is lack of option of indexing right now rather than indexing in the idle times.That option is available in older versions.Google labs is doing one right thing these days by stopping new software releases and making the older ones much better.Isnt it ???


Microsoft Codename Tahiti

Microsoft new software Codenamed "Tahiti" is a fast, easy way to share documents and screen views with small groups of friends or coworkers at any point of time or at any place.This software is helpful to put your heads together and collaborate.Code name tahiti can be downloaded from the link below
The software helps you in sharing your screen with other users.The users who are conected can use your screen normally like theirs.They get a mouse pointer through which each of them can select and highlight the areas on the screen.The good feature in this software is that many users can simultaneously share a same screen .Earlier softwares which came just used to connect two people share the same screen and only one of them used to have hold on the pointer.
The software even integrates itself into the Microsoft word.Each edit made by the different users is shown through a timestamp and name of that user says Digital Inspiration.It lacks one feature of capturing the screen when the screen is shared.You still have to use other softwares like snag it to record the screen sharing.

How to use the software after downloading

1. To start a session using this program, you will need to sign in using a Windows Live ID (Passport ID). However, you can use any email ID or even a friendly name to join a session. A friendly name is a name of your choice. This name is what others in the session will identify you with.
2. If you want to start a session and do not have a Windows Live ID, you can continue installing this program. When you reach the sign-in screen, you will get the opportunity to acquire a new Windows Live ID. Look for a link titled, "Windows Live ID".

3. If you are already using this program, you will see an upgrade balloon in the notification bar. Clicking this balloon will redirect you to the installation site.
4. You need a working Internet connection to use this program.

Microsoft connect Tahiti page
Tahiti user guide

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Yahoo mail go unllimited

After the rediff mail announcement of giving unlimited storage to its users,it's now the turn of internet giant yahoo to remove the caps of storage limit in its mail service.The company says this is a gift to its users who has been with the service since a decade.
Earlier in may,Yahoo has rolled out one giagabye memory to its users and 2GB memory for its premium users.But looks like they changed their opinion after seeing Rediff announcement with the fear that they might lose the users to rediff mail.
Moreoever this offer facilitates the users to send more and more files over the mail now.Earlier yahoo used to give us 4MB of its space which is not enough to keep 5 images taken in high resolution with a digital camera.The announcement came at a time when computer costs are declining and the need for exchange of media files and other data and digital files has grown veyr high which are making the people rely on file hosting services.Looks like the mail service providers dont want to lose their users to files hosting services.So they are coming with this kind of announcements.
But before doing this,Yahoo should look to improve the speed of its mail service.Better yahoo people see the advertisement of that hooha mail and rediff mail in which rediff claims itself to be lighning faster compared to yahoo.
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Windows Vista discounts

Here are some discounts Microsoft has got in Vista's new packaging to make its users buy more licenses of Windows Vista.It has announced the Windows Vista Additional License program, which provides discounts to customers who have already purchased either a retail or an OEM edition of Windows Vista.This program offers the users a 10% discount on up to five additional Windows Vista licenses. Customers are eligible to buy licenses for the edition of Windows Vista which they already own.It means you can't get discount for ultimate when you own home premium.It makes the home premium upgrade to 143$ instead of 159$. But the earlier "Windows Vista Family Discount" is looking much better than this new one in whcih you can a home premium upgrade license for 49.95$.The home upgrades as per new pricing will cost us 445$ where as in earlier scheme,one ultimate + 2 home premium upgrade licenses will cost us 357$ which is approx 90$ profit.So the earlier discount programme can be considered much better. So think a while before you run into this offer.This offer will be will be made available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East early next week.

Yahoo mobile ad network

Yahoo wants to capture the next generation internet users.Yes Im talking about mobile internet users who surf the net through their mobiles.Yahoo has announced on Tuesday that it is creating a mobile advertising network that will allow advertisers to place ads not only on its sites but also with others in it's network.It is offering tools to help publishers so that they can customize their content with respect to the mobile ad service.At this point Yahoo’s network of publishers is small, including MobiTV, Opera and Go2. But the company might be looking forward to grow rapidly in this area of market in the next few months.Yahoo has already released a software, called oneSearch, which is intended to allow users to quickly find information like sports scores and weather reports without scrolling through a long list of Web links.Yahoo and Google has been delivering ads in search results of mobile since last year but Yahoo is the first service to launch mobile advertising network.Advertising on mobiles is very small market now but there are chances of its heavy growth in the coming times.Yahoo might face little competition from other startups like thirdscreen media and admob..But if it continues to work agressively on this area of market,it can get to the top.


Phone spoofing of

Nothing is uneligible for a prank.Same is the case of four day old on which some one has played a prank by spoofing its phone number.
On wednesday at 1:40 AM someone spoofed the caller id of the its official mobile number (which is listed on thee website).They called the San Francisco police department and reported a stabbing in the North Beach apartment.Police arrived there,entered the apartments with guns and all of equipment.When they entered from the front door with all their nerves,they found nothing but some geeks lying there with their laptops and webcams.The best thing is it has been recorded and shown live to the viewers.
After this thing is over,someone has reported to the police of some fire accident in a apartment.The police came again with fire engines and all.Again they found nothing.
This has'nt caused any problem from the police and fire authorities to future calls from this number will be put under supervision and action will be taken only after proper verification only.
People want to get famous by doing this kinda pranks.But someday you will have to pay for all you do today.
source :Techcrunch

Why back up copy is necessary for your blog ???

"Nothing is forever,A tomorrow is always unpredictable" - These words are even applicable to blogs also.You cant expect when your hosting server is going to crash or even your hosting company can disappear one morning along with your content. I know how hard it is for people to accumulate the content and publish them in a blog.Some people publish some great moments of their life while some others publish their feelings in words which are never ever reproducible.In this case If one morning you content disappears ,you cant do anything except cursing your hosting service.In order to prevent this kinda situations,a backup of your blog is always necessary.
I rely these days on blogspot server as Google takes all those pains of crashing and backup.If my brand name increases ill buy a domain in next months.But if you are on some other hosting service better have a backup. If you are a wordpress user,Jesse wright has already written on How to backup your blog on wordpress.There is one more thing you can do as a precautionary measure for blogspot and other hosting services.It is nothing but subscribing to your own blog.Feed shows all the recent posts and you can get some recent posts from it.It is better if you subscribe for email updates of your blog as all the posts can get stored in your email.You can backup using it.You can subscribe to your feed through Google feedreader which stores the feed content separately on its server.Google feedreader copies all the feed content from your feed and stores on its server .So even if your hosting server crashes,you can retrive all the content from google feed reader.
Regarding your theme always have your template code on a text file which is stored either in your mail box or some other place on the net.Just download it when needed and paste the template code.
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Not yet another mobile :Google

After heavy speculations about a new mobile from Google,the Google phone ,Some of the Google executives has denied outright that the company is not developing any such thing.The following statement confirms that the earlier news are just rumours

“We’re not doing a mobile phone, I’d like to find something that is broader, rather than do yet another mobile device,” Alan Eustace, senior vice president of engineering and research, told Bloomberg.

Looks like Google is looking forward to devolop something through which they can reach a larger number of users by continuing to work with mobile phone makers like Motorola, and service providers, like Vodaphone.Being a internet giant,Google also knows that people has many expectations from them.So even they devolop some device,they will be looking for something new which integrates all the services of Google.
Source : Tech-blorge


Gtalk in Firefox sidebar

Google has released a new gadget called Google talk gadget which is more usable than the stand-alone GTalk desktop client or the floating AJAX version in GMail. Its better because here chat windows don't open as popups like it happen in Gmail.Instead chat windows open in tabs as in Firefox.For webmasters they can even integrate this gadget in their webpages as I had done here.The script for integrating gtalk in webpage can be found here.If you don't like to see the same webpage all the time,you have a alternate option of loading gtalk in your Firefox sidebar.Just follow the following steps.
  1. To add Google Talk to your Firefox sidebar, bookmark the following URL (right-click and choose Bookmark this link or press ctrl + D)

  2. Now goto Bookmarks menu, navigate to the above bookmark, right click and choose Properties. Tick the checkbox that says Load this bookmark in the sidebar as shown in the figure below.

Google talk

No need of minimising your gtalk window in your office when your manager comes!!You can now chat in gtalk right from your broswer.All you need to do is click on sign in below.First time it will take lil time to load contacts but from next times its faster.

Fast Online antivirus scanner

Want to scan your PC for viruses in just a minute???? Panda has got something for you.Panda released NanoScan, an online virus scanning service that can scan your computer for viruses in less than one minute. It's a great wish come true for those who don't want to see their antivirus software scanning the PC for hours. Unlike traditional antiviruses, NanoScan doesn’t need to download a virus signature file, as it accesses the entire Panda virus knowledge base signature files online.Thats why its faster.
  • It detects more than 707,305 known malware samples. It also detects unknown malware (TruPrevent®)
  • It gets downloaded and it does the scan in approximately 1 minute
  • It only occupies around 400k
You can get your PC scanned from here

Before getting the scan started,you need to download a activex of size 400 kb.

Note: Nanoscan works only with Internet Explorer.For using it with firefox,you need to download this addon IE tab


How to run multiple instances of Yahoo messenger 8

No need of downloading one more messenger named Yahoo multi messenger now for running multiple instances of Yahoo messenger so that you can sign in with your different accounts at the same time.Here is some simple solution I have for you.Just follow the following steps.
  1. Download this file Ym8multi.reg
  2. Now run the file by double clicking on it
  3. If it asks something like this "Are you sure you want to add the information........"----->Click yes and it will say information added to registry.
Now exit your Yahoo messenger and you are done.From next time you can run multiple instances of Yahoo messenger.
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How to run multiple instances of Gtalk

Here is a simple trick which enables to run multiple instances of Gtalk making you get online with different accounts at same time.
  1. Right Click on your Gtalk shortcut.[Remember only this shortcut will run multiple instances,others wont be able to unless you edit their properties same as we are going to do now]
  2. Now go to properties
  3. In the target box,you will find something like this "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"
  4. Now add -nomutex at the end of text in Target with a space.It will now become like "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" showing the same in the figure also
  5. Click Ok and you are done
Now double click on the shortcut and you will see one more instance of Gtalk running on your PC.You can do the same even for other gtalk shortcuts in your pc.

Yahoo messenger problems

Something which I had been hearing since my 9th standard has made me lay my first hands on the PC.Its nothing other than chatting which I used to hear from my friends who used to tell me about it.Chatting in those days is done only on one messenger and till today,many of the people in India who want to chat create their first id on Yahoo Messenger .But when you become a little bit tech savvy,you will say everyday and every moment when you open Yahoo messenger that "It sucks badly".Sometimes you ask yourself why other people create id's in it forcing you to still use the Yahoo! messenger.What make the Yahoo messenger suck???
  • It eats a lot of memory which slows down your PC when you have to run it with another higher application like a game.
  • It is damn slower in dial ups .It never tries to refresh the connection of user to find whether he is still online or not.It wont even get connected easily.I lose most of my offlines,as Yahoo gets disconnected in slower net connection frequently.
  • In some networks where there is LAN connection,most of the users stay out online forever,even if they sign out.This may be due to caching.
  • It never supports a socks connection,You have to use softwares like freecap and socks cap for getting support of socks
  • Its web cam is blocked in most of the places as all admins in schools and colleges knows its ports and they block it to save bandwidth.
  • Public Chat rooms never open through proxy.I don't know what their problem is.
The earlier versions of Yahoo! used to be a lot good than the new versions.The messenger is slow for many people and in their new version they even came out with a feature of ads in the lower bottom of the messenger which make it suck more.I don't know how big companies like Yahoo do this kind of softwares.Its good that they are into messenger field a lot earlier.If they had entered the market in the present times ,they will be no where in the middle.What say users??? If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.


A toy can fly

See this video of a toy flying in air in the presence of magnetic field.

How to embed you tube videos in blog posts ???

Not everyone is a geek to know everything.Some people has asked me how to embed you tube videos in blogger posts just like I did here
On the page of youtube video which you want to embed in your webpage you will find something like the image shown below on the right of video
  • Copy the code inside Embed .
  • Go to blogger-->create a post.
  • Now click on the edit HTML tab of blog post editor.
  • Paste the above code in it.
  • Now submit it.If it says error in code,put a check on the box which is labelled "Stop showing errors in the post" and submit it again.
  • If you find the video size to be large ,you can edit the object size and height of the embed code to make it fit to your page [Note : You have to edit the object size 2 times in the code.check it]

My views

Argh!! The 3 column template is also not enough for me to accommodate links to some good posts which are worthy to be shown on the front page.As more quality posts are coming on, I'm changing somethings on the blog now to facilitate the users navigate much better.The my views column on the right will now be shown in this post which will be updated regularly.Topics on which so far I expressed my views are :

  • Engineering today

  • Orkut videos

  • Over Night success

  • No vacancies

  • File hosting service

  • Video game addiction

  • Smart thieves

  • Social animals

  • Youth lacking this

  • Real estate gamble

  • how to beat the exam stress

  • Media and its true purpose

  • Online banking not always safe

  • Sex and the City

  • Social networking

  • Indian food habbits

  • whats up in parliament??

  • Game agression

  • Indian movie direction

  • Do you need coaching for MBA ??

  • College drinkers

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  • 3/20/2007

    Useful desktop shortcuts for Mac OS X users

    Actually Im not a user of OS X,but when I saw the origin of my traffic on my feedburner,I thought of writing something useful for my users in US who are great users of OS X.Im publishing useful desktop shortcuts for MAC users which are composed here.

    Switching shortcuts

    * opt+ click on icon of running application in dock = hide app. infront of app. clicked on dock
    * opt+ click inside app window = hide app in front of app clicked on
    * opt+ cmd + click on dock icon = hide all other apps
    * opt+ cmd + click inside app window = hide all other apps

    Dialog specific shortcuts

    * cmd+d (in open dialog) = open desktop
    * cmd+d (in save/discard/cancel dialog) = discard

    Mac controlling shortcuts

    * cmd+e = eject media
    * cmd+opt+eject = sleep
    * cmd+ctrl+eject = graceful restart
    * cmd+opt+ctrl+eject = graceful shutdown
    * cmd+ctrl+power = immediate restart

    Navigational shortcuts
    * opt+scrollbar = jump to exact scrollbar location
    * opt+scrollbar arrows = scroll page at a time (page up/down)

    Window manipulation shortcuts

    * cmd+expose command = slow motion expose
    * shift+minimize button = slow motion minimize (works in reverse way too)
    * opt+minimize button = minimize all windows (of current app)
    * opt+close button = closes all windows (of current app)
    * cmd+drag on title bar = move any window around without changing focus to it first

    Other important shortcuts

    * cmd+q = quit
    * cmd+o = open file
    * cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
    * cmd+n = new window/document
    * cmd+s = save
    * cmd+m = minimize
    * cmd+h = hide app
    * cmd+opt+h = hide other apps

    Application switching shortcuts

    * cmd+tab = toggle back to previous app
    * cmd+tab then q (while still holding cmd) = close other app (w/o switching to it)
    * cmd+tab then h (while still holding cmd) = hide other app (w/o switching to it)


    * cmd+shift+3 = take a screenshot of the entire screen
    * cmd+shift+4 = draw selection for a screenshot

    Finder specific shortcuts

    * cmd+down = open
    * cmd+up = up to parent dir
    * cmd+double-click folder icon = open in new window
    * opt+drag file/folder = explicit copy
    * cmd+drag file/folder = explicit move
    * cmd+opt+drag file/folder = create link
    * cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
    * cmd+shift+A = open Application Folder
    * cmd+shift+U = open Utility Folder
    * cmd+shift+H = open Home Folder
    * cmd+shift+G = go to DIR (in tiger, in a dialog box, beginning a filename with a / does the same)
    * cmd+shift+N = create new folder and name it something
    * cmd+shift+K = go to network
    * cmd+k = connect to server
    * cmd+~ = cycle window

    Dock specific shortcuts

    * cmd+drag (to/through dock) = keeps icons on dock from moving “out of the way”
    * cmd+opt+d = hide/show dock (should work while in any app)

    Terminal specific shortcuts

    * cmd+double-click on a URL in Terminal = url grab / open in default browser
    * cmd+opt+shift+s = save selected text
    * cmd+left/right arrow = switch windows
    * cmd+1 or 2 or 3.. = switch to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc window

    I hope you might had found these useful.If you have anymore shortcut to tell,post it as comment.If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.


    Free Microsoft Virtual pc 2007 software

    Microsoft India devolopment centre has devoloped a new product called Virtual PC 2007 which allows multiple operating systems to run at the same time on the same computer.As per sources,450,000 free downloads were registered in the first week after the launch of the Microsoft virtual PC 2007.Devoloped by a 20 member team,the softwares next version work of client virtualization and server virtualization has already started. Microsoft website says about Virtual PC as follows :
    "Save time and money as Virtual PC allows you to maintain the compatibility of legacy and custom applications during migration to new operating systems and increases the efficiency of support, development, and training staffs. With Microsoft® Virtual PC 2007, you can create and run one or more virtual machines, each with its own operating system, on a single computer. This provides you with the flexibility to use different operating systems on one physical computer. "
    Virtual PC 2007 from Microsoft has especially been optimized for Windows Vista. This allows business customers to migrate to Windows Vista for a more secure and manageable experience, and at the same time they can also keep a previous Windows environment available to run legacy or custom applications in a virtual settings. Right now the software is supporting windows users only. *Select 32 bit or 64 bit and start downloading


    5 Online game portals

    Wanna play some game at your workplace computer with out installing ??? Here by Im listing some online game portals which provide games online.

    Zapak : This new kid on the block offers online single and multiplayer gaming and is advertising itself as Indi's no1 portal.You just need to register yourself for playing the game and for getting acess to the following feature
    • Single and multiplayer gaming
    • Mail service with unlimited storage
    • Zapak girls - online girls hangout
    • Zapak TV - online funky video sharing
    Miniclips : Its my favourite and I play most of the games by downloading from miniclips.Has got a lot of games in its database ranging from action,adventure,racing,puzzles,shooting games.....Miniclip also offers online multiplayer games for playng with your friends.Miniclips even offers you Ecards and toon services.

    Indiatimes games :Offers trailors ,reviews and demos of games.It even features online webbased games in the following categories
    Action/adventure,Arcade,card,puzzle and multiplayer games.
    You need to signup for playing the games.

    Kaboom game portal : Kaboom offers games in all categories as the above sites.Kaboom also conducts tournaments among its players and publishes the leaderboard also and awards some loyalty pods to the winners of challenges.

    Orbit games : Orbit games offers all arcade games,puzzles and all.Flash based site

    If you know anysite which offer free online webbased games,don't forget to post as comment.If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.

    Cricket live score plugin for Firefox and widget for website

    This plugin for Firefox resides silently in the status bar displaying the live scores as the game goes on.It does not need opening the page and refreshing it.This plug-in gets the score from the live CricInfo cricket feed however you may not be able to see who is batting and what is the individual score.
    Cricket live score Firefox addon - Cricketfox
    For showing live cricket score on your website there is a widget available on Widgetbox
    The following steps are to be followed for getting the widget.
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    Go India go to your home

    For the first time after a long time,I went to the TV room of my hostel to see the India's first match of the world cup.These days I don't see India's cricket matches as they don't win most of the time.But against Bangladesh in a worldcup,I thought they will do a bit well.Indian's won the toss and elected to bat.But in a few minutes as usual Sehwag is out.Sehwag is good for nothing in the team.He just forgot that there is something named bat in his hand and he has to play the ball with it.Instead he just throws the bat in air and gets out.People in the TV room say
    " Isko sharam hi nahi aathi.Atleast he should quit the team himself??"
    Then the next top class batsman is Sachin.He has all his bones smashed up inside and still he want to play world cup this time.After sometime he is also out.As usual dada aka Saurav fought a bit to get India to a total of 191 all out.I seriously appreciate Bangladesh for the discipline it showed in the match.
    Now the turn is of bowlers.They are pathetic as usual.Zaheer is thrashed from top to bottom.He hit a 17 year kid on his head and the kid replied strongly with bat getting 32 runs in 25 balls of Zaheer.The kid looked like Tendulkar in some shots.Zaheer shows face expressions like he gained something big whenever he beats the batsman .But he doesn't know the batsman is going to hit him hard in the next ball itself.See my Game agression post.Iqbal has played really cool yesterday.Audience took the side of Bangladesh for sometime when the kid was playing.After this I left the match as it's sure India will loose

    Advertisements come in the middle of the game,Which show me what really some of these these players do instead of playing cricket !!!

    Tendulkar - Eating Biscuits and drinking boost
    Sehwag - Seeing how Tendulkar eat biscuits and run with him.
    Saurav - Just one half century a match and nothing else,plans for that all the time.
    Yuvraj - Injury, so hanging with girl friend and getting indulged in quarrels.
    Agarkar - always tired

    All these players enter the cricket as lean kids,As the days progress on,they get used to luxuries,go for ads and forget how to play the game.I dont understand how much time these players spend of their time for ad shoots.Better BCCI stop paying huge remunerations and tell its cricketers to concentrate on game,so that they win against atleast small teams.

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    How to use your freedom for opening orkut and other blocked websites

    For the client Your Freedom which I referred in my How to bypass filters in school for acessing blocked websites[clents] some of the users has asked me to tell how to use the your freedom client.Im providing some detailed instructions here on how to configure the client for your browser so that you can access the sites when they are blocked
    1. Go to Your freedom website.If you are a first time user,register yourself and download the latest version of your freedom client.If you don't have JRE on your PC,download the version which is of 25mb or more.
    2. No install your freedom and a your freedom configuration wizard will popup.
    3. Click next and enter your proxy server and port and click next.
    4. If its says All fine-->click next and it will start looking for your freedom server.Once the server is found,click save ,It will ask password when you go in the next step and you are done.Don't forget to tick the options of Redirect socks4/5 DNS to freedom server,enable encryption and enable rekeying in the configure window.
    If your freedom icon in the system tray still shows the gate as open,Go to messages tab in your freedom main window.In the main window click configure and a new configuration window will popup.Now find the reverse DNS of and enter ip of server where it is written as freedom has 16 servers available here.This thing must work.


    How to configure your browser :

    The user guide for configuring your browsers is here

    Your freedom browser configuration guide

    If you want your rest of the softwares also to work with your-freedom,go here and click the required option in the right side menu of this page

    Check my guide on How to bypass filters and firewalls in school


    Google phone

    It was yesterday Apple was in the news round the clock with its newly released Iphone,Now it's the turn of Internet giant Google to come in the news with its new phone in collaboration with samsung.The buzz about the Google phone is created by a blogger posting the screen shot of a paid survey he has got.You can see the screen shot from this link.The picture above in this post looks like a edited one.But if it even has got a look which we can expect without that glossy shades,then also Apple has got something to worry.

    The screen shot shares the following information :

    Google makes relevant information and communication tools easily accessible wherever you are

    The Google Phone brings the power of the internet in your pocket, in a simple and intuitive device. It combines the traditional voice and SMS capabilities of phones with all the exciting Google services from the PC such as Search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger…

    The Google Phone, designed by Samsung, is a very thing and stylish handset with a large screen and a QWERTY keypad so that it provides a real internet experience.

    All these internet services will be available under a simple Internet monthly flat fee, comparable to PC Broadband products, giving you transparency and control over your mobile bill. Thanks to simple, relevant advertising, Google will even give you a 3 month discount on your mobile Internet monthly flat fee.

    More details can be found on ZDNET
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    Cisco take on WebEx

    Cisco Inc has announced that it has agreed to acquire Online meeting company WebEx communications for about 3.2 billion$.WebEx was found by subrah.S.Iyar,a IIT Mumbai passout.WebEx has sales of $380 million, and a net income of around $47 million and its offers services like online conferencing and secure instant messaging.

    So,what made Cisco,the world's leader in computer networks acquire WebEx????

    As per GigaoM Cisco has done this just to take on with Microsoft who is trying to take on Cisco in VOIP business.The two companies will continue to butt heads as the worlds of computing and communication collide and become 'comm'puting. WebEx which started out as a simple web conferencing company has started to take on some of the qualities Microsoft like Shared workspaces, email and even office type apps .This might had atrracted Cisco.
    Whatever the situation is one more Indian Enterpreuner got rich now.WebEx has about two million customers, many in the small to medium sized businesses - an area of focus for Cisco in recent years. With the Linksys business unit’s special focus on SMB,the deal has very less downside so far unless Cisco mess up the things.
    If you have any other reason why Cisco might had acquired WebEx post it as comment!!!


    How to save YouTube Videos ?

    YouTube the world's popular video broadcasting service has many users than most of the popular websites.Most of my readers ask me on how to save a video from You tube.Here by Im giving some tool which help you in saving you tube videos
    • YouTubeX - Just copy the youtube video link and paste it in the box with submit button named get video and you can download the video.
    • SaveTube - A site similar to above one for downloading youtube video .
    • Video Downloader - One of the popular Firefox extensions that allows you to download videos to your computer from YouTube and most video sites.You get file saved in format get_video.Rename it to some extension which you player supports.
    • KeepVid -This one helps you to download videos from most of the sites like youtube.
    • TubeSock - TubeSock 2.0 downloads YouTube or DailyMotion videos from the web and saves them to your video iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable. TubeSock knows how to convert the video using the codecs and bitrates best for each device. It can even add the video to iTunes for you.
    • VideoDL - It's a quick AJAX application that allows you to download online video into your computer. It supports top 3 video sites - YouTube, Google Video, and
    • Download YouTube via bookmarklets - A collection of Greasemonkey scripts and bookmarklets to do the job.supports YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace,, Putfile, Dailymotion, Sevenload, and
    • Youtube-dl - is a small command-line program to download videos from It requires the Python interpreter, version 2.4 or later.
    • YouTube Downloader - enter url and download YouTube videos.
    • Youtube Grabber - is a free tool that downloads FLV files from youtube.
    • GooTube FLV Retriever - enter the video page URL, download the youtube video.
    • Capture Youtube and Google videos - save them as AVI files encoded in the MPEG4 format, using only one command.
    • YouRipper - a freeware software which enables you to download videos from the YouTube and Google Video
    • Save YouTube Videos - paste the youtube video url and download the video.
    • Kyootoob - is a youtube downloader and optionally a converter.
    • Orbit downloader : A download manager which can download media files like flash from youtube and all
    • Kiss Youtube - Before the youtube video link , just add a Kiss to download it .
    • Convertmovies - This site will allow you to save the video in different formats like Mp3 , Mov , MP4 ....
    • Convert Tube : It lets you download your youtube videos and even gives you the option of downloading in your favourite formats like mpeg . .wmv ...

    Rediff Unlimited

    Gmail has got almost 2.8 GB,Yahoo has got a GB,Lycos offers unlimited size attachments....What can rediff mail do to hold its existence in the market?? So far Reddiff has been showing itself as mail service loading at lightning speeds compared to some Hooha mail [We know its Yahoo!] in the commercials which doesnt look to attract the users.I myself signed up on Rediffmail and forgot the password as I didnt find it good to use.When Gmail arrived I forgot about other mail services.So Rediff has came up with unlimited storage to attract the users.

    Techshout reports that India Ltd. announced that it has incorporated unlimited storage space on its email service Rediffmail. The announcement was made on a boat that took all present at the event for a ride in the Arabian Sea, off Gateway of India and the banners and balloons with the announcement were let loose.

    “Rediff’s offering of unlimited storage space enables users to store unlimited photos, music files, videos without worrying about deleting mails from inbox. Advanced search in Rediff mail enables users to manage unlimited storage space effectively and help retrieve relevant content as and when required. With unlimited storage space and non closure of ids, SMEs and Individuals need not use multiple email ids, Rediffmail id can become their permanent id”

    But I dont think that a normal email user who has a 3 GB space will go for unlimited storage because 3 GB is more than enough for emails with the Gmail's algorithm increasing the mailbox space at a constant rate and if you are that great user of email,its damn hard to tell everyone about your new mail adress.Lol Rediff

    No more antiism online

    A Indian Express article says "Anti-Shivaji forums or anti-Ambedkar postings or “hate India” campaigns on Google’s social networking site, Orkut, have been confounding authorities for quite some time now. Other than blocking the objectionable forums, the Mumbai Police could do little, except wait for the next one to pop up on the web, say, a “fan club” of wanted underworld dons.But not any more. The Mumbai Police is finally equipped to track down such offenders and bring them to book. A single e-mail between the DCP in charge of the Enforcement Branch and the California-based company will now nail such persons."
    Apart from this the police will now be tracking out the posts in blogs also who talk about hating the country,religions and anything that's gonna effect the feelings of people.This is not something that will effect the freedom of bloggers and social media people.Communities like hate India which has 904 members on Orkut will hurt the feelings of the people and might send wrong signals.The move of the police is to be appreciated as it might help finding these kind of jerk's who don't have courage to show up in public and try to mask themselves online.
    See my other posts on Orkut


    The likes of a digger

    Lots of webmasters write a lot of content but only some of them will be able to make it to the frontpage of Digg.People are never able to understand the reason.People end up without getting diggs in the end.So I searched a bit on this question and came to some conclusions which are stated below:

    Title taps the readers : Your title is the first thing any digger will see.So come up with title that show some kind of benefit to the digger.Diggers love to see fastest solution of their problems.They like answers which are are straight to the point.

    Create controversary: Talk controversially on famous topics.Find the odds in famous things.Diggers like to discuss rather than reading your conclusions

    All about Digg: Diggers like to talk about Digg.Talk about famous personalities in Digg like kevin Rose.Talking on these people means bonus diggs.Talk about the odd of digg..Some will defend the odds leading to a discussion and more diggs.

    Statistics : Never forget to publish statistics of the views you presented.Sometimes fake statistics can help you get some diggs.Maybe people may find the fakeness when you make it to the frontpage.Don't be too personal in the views.

    Fire of Firefox : Firefox fire is also spread inside digg.Firefox posts makes to the frontpage most of the time.Talk about the tweaks,plugins and extensions.None of these are useless inside Digg

    Lets hate Microsoft : Repeat as many times as you can " Microsoft sucks,Microsoft sucks".Digger's love this.They don't care whether their chairman is the richest person in the world or whether he donated money for charity.Its just that Digg geeks hate MS.Posts that hate Microsoft make to the front page most of the times.

    Friends : Make friends on the Digg network.More chances are there to go to frontpage if you are dugg by a good digger.Make atleast 15 friends on the Digg.If you can get 50 diggs you can make it the front page easily.So these 15 friends might hold the key.You digg them and they digg you.

    Insult others : Never hesistate to tell a odd of someone or some group.You should impress your reader by using efffective language against the groups.Show some courage webmaster.

    Tasty Apple: Apple works like anything on the Digg.Last year stories about Apple made it to frontpage 1255 times on Digg.People love rumours,Gossibs and news about Steve Jobs

    I think these things might help you getting some extra diggs.If you have any other good tip don't forget to leave it as a comment.If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.


    ICC world cup 2007 - Widgets and information

    ICC world cup 2007 is going to start from today with the first match going to start in a few hours.The fever is already on with everyone in the 16 nations battling in 51 matches for a period of 47 days.The match schedules are available on ICC worldcup 2007 site
    Match schedules
    The world cup official Song is already available on the Oficial site
    ICC worldcup 2007 official Song
    Fans from every corner has already started their search for youtube videos,cricketing blogs,Live video links,Live commentary sites and desktop score clients.Companies like Google,YAHOO!,Zimbio are already out to cash this season with widgets,desktop tickers and other video broadcasting stuff.Some sites are even providing the greatest moments of previous world cup's.
    Google has already started a blog authored by veteran cricketer Srikanth
    Google cricket blog
    ICC cricket worldcup 2007 yahoo widget
    Count down widget download link
    There is a contest going on for cricketing blogger's
    Google cricket blogger's contest
    Following below are Google desktop widgets
    Live scores of matches - Cricket Scores
    World Cup cricket Videos -Cricket Videos
    Cricket News headlines and pics -Cricket Images and News

    Google has got some special package for Adwords.It has created a special Googly Cricket Ads package targeting Cricket websites and search keywords related to the game. But the package is priced 2 hight starting from 1 lakh.Badluck small scale advertisers.

    The official logo of Cricket world cup 2007 is here.The logo displays a Caribbean setting with a palm tree, a red human figure, and a bat and ball forming the trunk and fruit. The logo of 2007 Cricket World Cup depicts the passion for the game of cricket in Caribbean.

    Some other cricket sites that will be useful :
    Cric Info
    Cricket world cup 2007 windies
    Online ticket booking available here
    123 Cricket
    Apart from these there are desktop tickers of cricket matches also available
    Rediff desktop ticker
    Cric Info score ticker

    Ram has made simple cricket betting game online in which no money is involved with the name cricket and coins.No money is involved in the game.Its just a fun game collecting coins and increasing you rankings.13 links cricket game

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    How to overcome blogger's block

    Are you a blogger who post frequently ??? Is it like that if you don't post ,you don't get visitors ??? If it's so You need a new content to write on your blog everyday.Most of the times you don't get ideas on which you can write something.If this is for a day or two then its ok.But if it lasts for a week so ,then it should be taken care of.The condition which I mentioned above can mostly be treated of as Writer's block.If you don't overcome this situation,you might loose your regular readers.

    Here by I'm giving some tips to my blogger friends to avoid this writer's block :

    Save in your notebook or journal : Many a times,I get ideas when I'm offline or when I go out.I makeup my mind to write on that thing when I reach home.But I cant remember the topic when I reach home.To avoid this kinda situations jot down the name of the topic or title in a notebook or a small diary.Always keep it with you to prevent loss of ideas.

    Read related blog's : If you have no ideas or information to share for the day,Just have a glance on other related blogs and websites.If you find anything interesting there,find more info about it and write a article in your own style.

    Scheduled writing : Follow a particular schedule for blogging.Set time for everything like writing articles,editing your blog templates and all.Dont sit all the time infront of your PC. That reduces your thinking capacity and makes you numb.Do some activities to keep yourself fresh.

    Answer questions : Try to find questions which most people like to ask on other sites like Yahoo Answers and write a solution for it.This brings you a lot of visitors.

    Enhance you workplace : Have a pleasant workplace ,so that you can think better.Have a nice scenic wallpaper infront of your table so that your mind gain some pleasantness

    Climb the ladder: If you have just a single point,don't ignore it.Start writing with that single point and your thoughts will make you climb the ladder.

    News : News are always there available on the net from different sources.Keep a view on them and if you find some news interesting just search information about the things inside the news and post about it.

    I hope these tips might help you overcome the writer's block

    What other author's say about bloggers block :

    Amit's tips for overcoming the blogger's block