No more antiism online

A Indian Express article says "Anti-Shivaji forums or anti-Ambedkar postings or “hate India” campaigns on Google’s social networking site, Orkut, have been confounding authorities for quite some time now. Other than blocking the objectionable forums, the Mumbai Police could do little, except wait for the next one to pop up on the web, say, a “fan club” of wanted underworld dons.But not any more. The Mumbai Police is finally equipped to track down such offenders and bring them to book. A single e-mail between the DCP in charge of the Enforcement Branch and the California-based company will now nail such persons."
Apart from this the police will now be tracking out the posts in blogs also who talk about hating the country,religions and anything that's gonna effect the feelings of people.This is not something that will effect the freedom of bloggers and social media people.Communities like hate India which has 904 members on Orkut will hurt the feelings of the people and might send wrong signals.The move of the police is to be appreciated as it might help finding these kind of jerk's who don't have courage to show up in public and try to mask themselves online.
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