Picasa updated

Google has updated picasa web albums finally.This time Google has shaped up Picasa much like Flickr.

  • Picasa web albums are now open to everyone unlike earlier where only picasa software users can only upload the pics.All you need is a Google account to login and upload your pics
  • Google introduced public photo search and tagging to make viewers navigate over each others pics
  • Picasa web albums are now available in 18 languages
  • Email notifications for the comments your pictures get
  • You can add your favourite galleries on your public gallery page
  • Option for the viewers to whether or not list their albums in community search.
  • Upload your videos also on your picasa web albums now.How to upload videos on your picasa web albums can be found here ?????
  • Your images uploaded on the blogger will also get listed as a album with your blog name like mine
Its good to see Google has stopped releasing new services and trying to enhance the older ones to attract more users.Picasa web albums are not used many of the people till now,But this new features may add more users to it.


Hi i have used picasa but i don't think i works for all files , when you take pictures with crescent software camera those picture don't work in picasa .

Make sure thjat your camera saves your pics in jpeg format..Picasa only works for jpeg format

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