Windows Vista discounts

Here are some discounts Microsoft has got in Vista's new packaging to make its users buy more licenses of Windows Vista.It has announced the Windows Vista Additional License program, which provides discounts to customers who have already purchased either a retail or an OEM edition of Windows Vista.This program offers the users a 10% discount on up to five additional Windows Vista licenses. Customers are eligible to buy licenses for the edition of Windows Vista which they already own.It means you can't get discount for ultimate when you own home premium.It makes the home premium upgrade to 143$ instead of 159$. But the earlier "Windows Vista Family Discount" is looking much better than this new one in whcih you can a home premium upgrade license for 49.95$.The home upgrades as per new pricing will cost us 445$ where as in earlier scheme,one ultimate + 2 home premium upgrade licenses will cost us 357$ which is approx 90$ profit.So the earlier discount programme can be considered much better. So think a while before you run into this offer.This offer will be will be made available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East early next week.


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