How to get one click access to the sites which you visit frequently ??

One of my reader has asked me this question :

"Sir,I visit some sites frequently and I want to have one click access to them on my desktop.Can u suggest me something that can help me ?"

Rather than having a shortcut ,I prefer bookmarking to you,as bookmarking gives you one click access to the links in your browser.On the link which you want to bookmark, just right click on it and click on bookmark this link in Firefox.For Internet explorer,you can add to the favourites for getting one click access.Shortcut for bookmarking a link or adding it as favourite is cntrl + D.If you are a user migrating on different PC's every time,I recommend you to use online bookmarking services like
del.icio.us which can give you access to your bookmarks anywhere,anytime.
If you want to create a desktop shortcut Follow the procedure below:

  • Right click on the URL and click copy shortcut in Internet Explorer.
  • Now go to the location where you want to have the shortcut and right click there and click paste shortcut and you are done.
You can also create a .url webshortcut by dragging the favicon in the adress bar to the required folder.If you don't have that site opened,you can still create a .URL file as follows
  • open a notepad.
  • type the following.
  • Replace the web link of mine with yours and save the text file in .URL format.

If you want to change the icon of the web shortcut which by default comes as the default browser icon ,follow the steps below.


The Icon Index and Icon File fields let you specify the icon for the .URL shortcut. The IconFile can point to your application's exe file (IconIndex is the index of the icon as a resource inside the exe).

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