Yahoo mobile ad network

Yahoo wants to capture the next generation internet users.Yes Im talking about mobile internet users who surf the net through their mobiles.Yahoo has announced on Tuesday that it is creating a mobile advertising network that will allow advertisers to place ads not only on its sites but also with others in it's network.It is offering tools to help publishers so that they can customize their content with respect to the mobile ad service.At this point Yahoo’s network of publishers is small, including MobiTV, Opera and Go2. But the company might be looking forward to grow rapidly in this area of market in the next few months.Yahoo has already released a software, called oneSearch, which is intended to allow users to quickly find information like sports scores and weather reports without scrolling through a long list of Web links.Yahoo and Google has been delivering ads in search results of mobile since last year but Yahoo is the first service to launch mobile advertising network.Advertising on mobiles is very small market now but there are chances of its heavy growth in the coming times.Yahoo might face little competition from other startups like thirdscreen media and admob..But if it continues to work agressively on this area of market,it can get to the top.


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