Firefox Keyboard shortcuts

Fed up surfing on the net with one hand on the mouse and the another on keyboard????Do you want to surf like a geek???If it's so you need to use keyboard shortcuts.All you have to do is just to hold down your ctrl or control key on the keyboard and the type the letters given below to perform the required actions [ E.g T means ctrl +T ].

TOpens a new tab and takes the focus to the new tab
OOpen Local File. This is one of the biggest changes from IE where both Ctrl-O and Ctrl-L opened a dialogue box for a URL.
LChanges focus to the Address bar
TabScrolls through the tabs from current window towards the right. Loops back to the first tab when rightmost tab is reached
1..0The numbers 1 to 0 takes the focus to Tab 1 to 10
NOpens a new window like IE
Wa tab or if there are no tabs, close the window
BOpen bookmark sidepanel
DBookmark current page
HBrings up the history dialogue box on the right. Useful if you closed a page accidentally and forgot the URL. Or to make sure your kids are not looking at pr0n
UShow page source
YOpen downloads window
KFocus goes to search bar
Some of the more common shortcuts just for your reference
RRefresh current page
FFind in page
GFind Again (used in conjunction with Ctrl F)
JPage Info (same as properties in IE)
-Decrease font size
+Increase font size
SSave current page to disk
PPrint current page
ASelect All

If you have any much useful shortcuts,dont forget to post them
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