Why back up copy is necessary for your blog ???

"Nothing is forever,A tomorrow is always unpredictable" - These words are even applicable to blogs also.You cant expect when your hosting server is going to crash or even your hosting company can disappear one morning along with your content. I know how hard it is for people to accumulate the content and publish them in a blog.Some people publish some great moments of their life while some others publish their feelings in words which are never ever reproducible.In this case If one morning you content disappears ,you cant do anything except cursing your hosting service.In order to prevent this kinda situations,a backup of your blog is always necessary.
I rely these days on blogspot server as Google takes all those pains of crashing and backup.If my brand name increases ill buy a domain in next months.But if you are on some other hosting service better have a backup. If you are a wordpress user,Jesse wright has already written on How to backup your blog on wordpress.There is one more thing you can do as a precautionary measure for blogspot and other hosting services.It is nothing but subscribing to your own blog.Feed shows all the recent posts and you can get some recent posts from it.It is better if you subscribe for email updates of your blog as all the posts can get stored in your email.You can backup using it.You can subscribe to your feed through Google feedreader which stores the feed content separately on its server.Google feedreader copies all the feed content from your feed and stores on its server .So even if your hosting server crashes,you can retrive all the content from google feed reader.
Regarding your theme always have your template code on a text file which is stored either in your mail box or some other place on the net.Just download it when needed and paste the template code.
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