Google dekstop : I started loving it

Earlier when I used Google desktop,I thought its just something extra in the startup and will just increase the time of the startup of my PC.So I removed it.At that time If Im not wrong ,Google desktop has no feature of gadgets .All it used to do is index files in the PC and display it in web interface.The thing that I did'nt like at that time is it used to display internet files in the history and temp also when searching,which at that point I thought was weird.
But as I turned to be a hardcore internet user,I started loving all the features of Google desktop.All the things which I need are just a click away now.Even for getting a mp3,I don't need to scroll over all my disks to search for the particular song.Instead just type the name of the song in Google deskbar and you can see it right there in a small popup.Whenever I forget bookmarking some link and I close that page,I can get that link again by searching through my Google desktop.Google desktop also integrates indexing your Gmail inbox which help me search my mailbox without opening it.

Sidebar - A sidebar in the style of Vista displaying Google desktop gadgets has been introduced which is shown in the figure.

Gadgets - This thing is the one which forced me to reinstall the Google desktop these days.Google desktop has really got some cool gadgets in it.The gadgets Im using right now are Google desktop,A analog clock,photo slideshow,Hard disk life pro,To do and PC performance.If you don't want any of this gadgets,you can just click on the close button.If you want to add a new gadget,click on the '+' symbol on the top and you will a menu of the gadgets.Choose which one you want and click add and you can see the in sidebar.If you don't like the sidebar to be shown,just click the '-' button on the top and you will see it in your taskbar.
More gadgets can be found here
But something what I found in the present version is lack of option of indexing right now rather than indexing in the idle times.That option is available in older versions.Google labs is doing one right thing these days by stopping new software releases and making the older ones much better.Isnt it ???


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