The likes of a digger

Lots of webmasters write a lot of content but only some of them will be able to make it to the frontpage of Digg.People are never able to understand the reason.People end up without getting diggs in the end.So I searched a bit on this question and came to some conclusions which are stated below:

Title taps the readers : Your title is the first thing any digger will see.So come up with title that show some kind of benefit to the digger.Diggers love to see fastest solution of their problems.They like answers which are are straight to the point.

Create controversary: Talk controversially on famous topics.Find the odds in famous things.Diggers like to discuss rather than reading your conclusions

All about Digg: Diggers like to talk about Digg.Talk about famous personalities in Digg like kevin Rose.Talking on these people means bonus diggs.Talk about the odd of digg..Some will defend the odds leading to a discussion and more diggs.

Statistics : Never forget to publish statistics of the views you presented.Sometimes fake statistics can help you get some diggs.Maybe people may find the fakeness when you make it to the frontpage.Don't be too personal in the views.

Fire of Firefox : Firefox fire is also spread inside digg.Firefox posts makes to the frontpage most of the time.Talk about the tweaks,plugins and extensions.None of these are useless inside Digg

Lets hate Microsoft : Repeat as many times as you can " Microsoft sucks,Microsoft sucks".Digger's love this.They don't care whether their chairman is the richest person in the world or whether he donated money for charity.Its just that Digg geeks hate MS.Posts that hate Microsoft make to the front page most of the times.

Friends : Make friends on the Digg network.More chances are there to go to frontpage if you are dugg by a good digger.Make atleast 15 friends on the Digg.If you can get 50 diggs you can make it the front page easily.So these 15 friends might hold the key.You digg them and they digg you.

Insult others : Never hesistate to tell a odd of someone or some group.You should impress your reader by using efffective language against the groups.Show some courage webmaster.

Tasty Apple: Apple works like anything on the Digg.Last year stories about Apple made it to frontpage 1255 times on Digg.People love rumours,Gossibs and news about Steve Jobs

I think these things might help you getting some extra diggs.If you have any other good tip don't forget to leave it as a comment.If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.


Well, I do not really imagine how you can behave in a situation like that!

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