Phone spoofing of Justin.tv

Nothing is uneligible for a prank.Same is the case of four day old Justin.tv on which some one has played a prank by spoofing its phone number.
On wednesday at 1:40 AM someone spoofed the caller id of the its official mobile number (which is listed on thee website).They called the San Francisco police department and reported a stabbing in the North Beach apartment.Police arrived there,entered the apartments with guns and all of equipment.When they entered from the front door with all their nerves,they found nothing but some geeks lying there with their laptops and webcams.The best thing is it has been recorded and shown live to the viewers.
After this thing is over,someone has reported to the police of some fire accident in a apartment.The police came again with fire engines and all.Again they found nothing.
This has'nt caused any problem from the police and fire authorities to Justin.tv.But future calls from this number will be put under supervision and action will be taken only after proper verification only.
People want to get famous by doing this kinda pranks.But someday you will have to pay for all you do today.
source :Techcrunch


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