Firefox tweaks

Have you ever lost your web page by clicking by fault on the close button of individual tab????Here is something which can help you revert to Firefox 1.5 like menu with a close button on the right hand side of the browser after the tabs.Follow the steps for it.

Type about:config in your adress bar and go to browser.tabs.closeButtons
You will find its value to be set on 1 .Modify it to 2 not show close button of tabs at all and 3 to show a close button at the end of tab button strip

You don't want your bandwidth and CPU cycles to be wasted by Firefox downloading the links which it thinks you might use them like the top pages on Google search???? Follow the following steps for it

Type about:config in your adress bar and go to network.prefetch-next
Change the value to false and you are done

You thing Firefox is eating up the memory of your computer???Lots of times I find Firefox using almost 70000k of RAM which means a lot of resources being eaten up by a single process.Here is the tweak for you.

Type about:config in your adress bar and go to browser.cache.memory.capacity
set its value as per your PC memory i.e For 512Mb and 1Gb RAM,start with 15000. For RAM sizes between 128MB and 512M, try 5000.

I hope these tweaks help you to some extent
Fore more knowledge on Firefox,check out Total Guide to Firefox


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I like this article. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, I would want to try that one out! Lets wait and see how popular it gets!

Yeah, I thought that has laredy been mentioned somewhere before!

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