Yahoo mail go unllimited

After the rediff mail announcement of giving unlimited storage to its users,it's now the turn of internet giant yahoo to remove the caps of storage limit in its mail service.The company says this is a gift to its users who has been with the service since a decade.
Earlier in may,Yahoo has rolled out one giagabye memory to its users and 2GB memory for its premium users.But looks like they changed their opinion after seeing Rediff announcement with the fear that they might lose the users to rediff mail.
Moreoever this offer facilitates the users to send more and more files over the mail now.Earlier yahoo used to give us 4MB of its space which is not enough to keep 5 images taken in high resolution with a digital camera.The announcement came at a time when computer costs are declining and the need for exchange of media files and other data and digital files has grown veyr high which are making the people rely on file hosting services.Looks like the mail service providers dont want to lose their users to files hosting services.So they are coming with this kind of announcements.
But before doing this,Yahoo should look to improve the speed of its mail service.Better yahoo people see the advertisement of that hooha mail and rediff mail in which rediff claims itself to be lighning faster compared to yahoo.
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