Fast Online antivirus scanner

Want to scan your PC for viruses in just a minute???? Panda has got something for you.Panda released NanoScan, an online virus scanning service that can scan your computer for viruses in less than one minute. It's a great wish come true for those who don't want to see their antivirus software scanning the PC for hours. Unlike traditional antiviruses, NanoScan doesn’t need to download a virus signature file, as it accesses the entire Panda virus knowledge base signature files online.Thats why its faster.

  • It detects more than 707,305 known malware samples. It also detects unknown malware (TruPrevent®)
  • It gets downloaded and it does the scan in approximately 1 minute
  • It only occupies around 400k
You can get your PC scanned from here

Before getting the scan started,you need to download a activex of size 400 kb.

Note: Nanoscan works only with Internet Explorer.For using it with firefox,you need to download this addon IE tab


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