Useful desktop shortcuts for Mac OS X users

Actually Im not a user of OS X,but when I saw the origin of my traffic on my feedburner,I thought of writing something useful for my users in US who are great users of OS X.Im publishing useful desktop shortcuts for MAC users which are composed here.

Switching shortcuts

* opt+ click on icon of running application in dock = hide app. infront of app. clicked on dock
* opt+ click inside app window = hide app in front of app clicked on
* opt+ cmd + click on dock icon = hide all other apps
* opt+ cmd + click inside app window = hide all other apps

Dialog specific shortcuts

* cmd+d (in open dialog) = open desktop
* cmd+d (in save/discard/cancel dialog) = discard

Mac controlling shortcuts

* cmd+e = eject media
* cmd+opt+eject = sleep
* cmd+ctrl+eject = graceful restart
* cmd+opt+ctrl+eject = graceful shutdown
* cmd+ctrl+power = immediate restart

Navigational shortcuts
* opt+scrollbar = jump to exact scrollbar location
* opt+scrollbar arrows = scroll page at a time (page up/down)

Window manipulation shortcuts

* cmd+expose command = slow motion expose
* shift+minimize button = slow motion minimize (works in reverse way too)
* opt+minimize button = minimize all windows (of current app)
* opt+close button = closes all windows (of current app)
* cmd+drag on title bar = move any window around without changing focus to it first

Other important shortcuts

* cmd+q = quit
* cmd+o = open file
* cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
* cmd+n = new window/document
* cmd+s = save
* cmd+m = minimize
* cmd+h = hide app
* cmd+opt+h = hide other apps

Application switching shortcuts

* cmd+tab = toggle back to previous app
* cmd+tab then q (while still holding cmd) = close other app (w/o switching to it)
* cmd+tab then h (while still holding cmd) = hide other app (w/o switching to it)


* cmd+shift+3 = take a screenshot of the entire screen
* cmd+shift+4 = draw selection for a screenshot

Finder specific shortcuts

* cmd+down = open
* cmd+up = up to parent dir
* cmd+double-click folder icon = open in new window
* opt+drag file/folder = explicit copy
* cmd+drag file/folder = explicit move
* cmd+opt+drag file/folder = create link
* cmd+i = get info (on current selected object/file/dir)
* cmd+shift+A = open Application Folder
* cmd+shift+U = open Utility Folder
* cmd+shift+H = open Home Folder
* cmd+shift+G = go to DIR (in tiger, in a dialog box, beginning a filename with a / does the same)
* cmd+shift+N = create new folder and name it something
* cmd+shift+K = go to network
* cmd+k = connect to server
* cmd+~ = cycle window

Dock specific shortcuts

* cmd+drag (to/through dock) = keeps icons on dock from moving “out of the way”
* cmd+opt+d = hide/show dock (should work while in any app)

Terminal specific shortcuts

* cmd+double-click on a URL in Terminal = url grab / open in default browser
* cmd+opt+shift+s = save selected text
* cmd+left/right arrow = switch windows
* cmd+1 or 2 or 3.. = switch to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc window

I hope you might had found these useful.If you have anymore shortcut to tell,post it as comment.If you like the post subscribe here or click here to get email updates.


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