How to embed you tube videos in blog posts ???

Not everyone is a geek to know everything.Some people has asked me how to embed you tube videos in blogger posts just like I did here
On the page of youtube video which you want to embed in your webpage you will find something like the image shown below on the right of video

  • Copy the code inside Embed .
  • Go to blogger-->create a post.
  • Now click on the edit HTML tab of blog post editor.
  • Paste the above code in it.
  • Now submit it.If it says error in code,put a check on the box which is labelled "Stop showing errors in the post" and submit it again.
  • If you find the video size to be large ,you can edit the object size and height of the embed code to make it fit to your page [Note : You have to edit the object size 2 times in the code.check it]


I read your blog regularly.. try the the tricks and tips sometimes...

Not boosting - but this is the firt time.. that i did something, tried and tested... was a success that is embedding the video on my blog


For users of your kind,I came up yesterdy with a new addition of tips and tricks in the right side column of my template...You can have more tips and tricks there..thnx 4 visiting the blog..If you have any tips or problems,mail me

will surely do that.. thanks!

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