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For the first time after a long time,I went to the TV room of my hostel to see the India's first match of the world cup.These days I don't see India's cricket matches as they don't win most of the time.But against Bangladesh in a worldcup,I thought they will do a bit well.Indian's won the toss and elected to bat.But in a few minutes as usual Sehwag is out.Sehwag is good for nothing in the team.He just forgot that there is something named bat in his hand and he has to play the ball with it.Instead he just throws the bat in air and gets out.People in the TV room say

" Isko sharam hi nahi aathi.Atleast he should quit the team himself??"
Then the next top class batsman is Sachin.He has all his bones smashed up inside and still he want to play world cup this time.After sometime he is also out.As usual dada aka Saurav fought a bit to get India to a total of 191 all out.I seriously appreciate Bangladesh for the discipline it showed in the match.
Now the turn is of bowlers.They are pathetic as usual.Zaheer is thrashed from top to bottom.He hit a 17 year kid on his head and the kid replied strongly with bat getting 32 runs in 25 balls of Zaheer.The kid looked like Tendulkar in some shots.Zaheer shows face expressions like he gained something big whenever he beats the batsman .But he doesn't know the batsman is going to hit him hard in the next ball itself.See my Game agression post.Iqbal has played really cool yesterday.Audience took the side of Bangladesh for sometime when the kid was playing.After this I left the match as it's sure India will loose

Advertisements come in the middle of the game,Which show me what really some of these these players do instead of playing cricket !!!

Tendulkar - Eating Biscuits and drinking boost
Sehwag - Seeing how Tendulkar eat biscuits and run with him.
Saurav - Just one half century a match and nothing else,plans for that all the time.
Yuvraj - Injury, so hanging with girl friend and getting indulged in quarrels.
Agarkar - always tired

All these players enter the cricket as lean kids,As the days progress on,they get used to luxuries,go for ads and forget how to play the game.I dont understand how much time these players spend of their time for ad shoots.Better BCCI stop paying huge remunerations and tell its cricketers to concentrate on game,so that they win against atleast small teams.

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