How to overcome blogger's block

Are you a blogger who post frequently ??? Is it like that if you don't post ,you don't get visitors ??? If it's so You need a new content to write on your blog everyday.Most of the times you don't get ideas on which you can write something.If this is for a day or two then its ok.But if it lasts for a week so ,then it should be taken care of.The condition which I mentioned above can mostly be treated of as Writer's block.If you don't overcome this situation,you might loose your regular readers.

Here by I'm giving some tips to my blogger friends to avoid this writer's block :

Save in your notebook or journal : Many a times,I get ideas when I'm offline or when I go out.I makeup my mind to write on that thing when I reach home.But I cant remember the topic when I reach home.To avoid this kinda situations jot down the name of the topic or title in a notebook or a small diary.Always keep it with you to prevent loss of ideas.

Read related blog's : If you have no ideas or information to share for the day,Just have a glance on other related blogs and websites.If you find anything interesting there,find more info about it and write a article in your own style.

Scheduled writing : Follow a particular schedule for blogging.Set time for everything like writing articles,editing your blog templates and all.Dont sit all the time infront of your PC. That reduces your thinking capacity and makes you numb.Do some activities to keep yourself fresh.

Answer questions : Try to find questions which most people like to ask on other sites like Yahoo Answers and write a solution for it.This brings you a lot of visitors.

Enhance you workplace : Have a pleasant workplace ,so that you can think better.Have a nice scenic wallpaper infront of your table so that your mind gain some pleasantness

Climb the ladder: If you have just a single point,don't ignore it.Start writing with that single point and your thoughts will make you climb the ladder.

News : News are always there available on the net from different sources.Keep a view on them and if you find some news interesting just search information about the things inside the news and post about it.

I hope these tips might help you overcome the writer's block

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Nice tips man , generally when i find 5-6 topics to write about , i write them in Notepad so that i can post them later .

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