How to get rid of duplicate files in your PC ???

Got a hard disk with large space ?? Large number of files keep on getting copied to the hard disk and getting deleted.But some files who are same as old ones also get copied sometimes and you don't check whether it's a duplicate or not everytime.But someday you find that a large amount of your disk space has been used by these duplicate files.And you can't search for each duplicate file that day.Here is some software for you which can help you get rid of these duplicate files.

Download duplicate cleaner v1.1 from here
This software finds duplicate files and cleans your hard disk increasing the HDD performance.Its duplicate comparison is accurate and fast.It not only searches the local drives but also the network drives also.There are lot of flexible search options available for you.It never effects the windows and other critical system related files giving you needed protection.It lets you view timestamp and date of creation of each file before it do some alteration to it.This software has been helpful to me in organising my music library which had a lot of duplicate files.Finally the great thing is it's a freeware and just of 1.7 Mb.If you have other great softwares for this thing.dont forget to send me or post it as a comment.


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