My views

Argh!! The 3 column template is also not enough for me to accommodate links to some good posts which are worthy to be shown on the front page.As more quality posts are coming on, I'm changing somethings on the blog now to facilitate the users navigate much better.The my views column on the right will now be shown in this post which will be updated regularly.Topics on which so far I expressed my views are :

  • Engineering today

  • Orkut videos

  • Over Night success

  • No vacancies

  • File hosting service

  • Video game addiction

  • Smart thieves

  • Social animals

  • Youth lacking this

  • Real estate gamble

  • how to beat the exam stress

  • Media and its true purpose

  • Online banking not always safe

  • Sex and the City

  • Social networking

  • Indian food habbits

  • whats up in parliament??

  • Game agression

  • Indian movie direction

  • Do you need coaching for MBA ??

  • College drinkers

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