Delhi on the move

Delhi people are going to thank the 2010 common wealth games for the facilities they are going to get in the city till 2010.Public transport system which has been a nightmare for the Delhi'ites till now with the fully packed buses,typical rickshaw wala's charging more if you look new and auto drivers who can blow out your screw's.
Keeping this in mind,Delhi government started building the flyover's to make the traffic move faster.Even though it increased the traffic speed a bit,still the buses are packed with increasing population.Delhi government came up with Delhi metro[ the first of it's kind in the country ].Delhi metro i say is success,With people welcoming it by keeping the train clean and not pampering with train's material.Even though Delhi metro was looking good in the start,But with increasing commuter's in it.It's also getting wholly packed.It even stop's sometimes in the tunnels these days bcoz of the rush of the people.

To keep pace with the increasing demand's,Delhi government is going to come up with other public transport systems like Integrated railsystem,monorail,high capacity bus system.Eventhe DTC is going to get updated.DTC's buses are going to get replaced with low floor modern buses by 5 years,The first phase of high capacity bus system from Ambedkar Nagar to Delhi Gate has already started and is expected to be completed by March2008.And by 2009,This system may have a network of 107 kM.Monorail which is going to be added as a branch of delhi metro is to be run in only high congested locations where metro cant reach.Apart from this metro is on high expansion plan's covering noida,Anand vihar,gurgaon,Badarpur border
With all these planned transport systems coming into implementation,Delhi will be surely on the move.Ain't it???


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