Online Banking - Not always safe

Indian banking has took a big turn these days with the advent of increased use of technology in it.All the bank's are getting computerised these days.No transaction is going to be done manually in the near future.Everything is online.Apart from causing comfort to the users,online banking has got a lot of loopholes.I now discuss about the loop holes in this internet banking.
The most major one's are of three types.
1.phishing :- In this the hacker's use the method of sending email.Spammer's get email adresses from somewhere and will send the email to all.The email sent to you will be having a user name similar to the bank's name.They will request you that they are updating the accounts of the bank for some reason like upgrading you with new facilities and all.They will request you to enter your user name and password of the internet banking account and other personal details.Once they get these details ,First they will change your mobile number and address in it.Then they will transfer the whole money in your account to their's.There is one more method of getting phished.Some times they will send you a link like we need your feedback of the bank.and then they will give you a link which will have registration form asking you your details.Once you fill it,Your money is gone.So beware guys.In these kind of emails,if they want you to go to some other link before checking your account never do that.

2.Trojan's and viruses :- Internet is full of these things.Trojans enter your computer by some means and then they will steal you information[like key logging] and send it to other's.Trojan,s and viruses normally come through emails.If you are using some software which previews the emails ,you have maximum chance of getting affected.They normally send you some mail to make you open some malicious website from where the trojan gets installed depending on the vulnerabilities in your browser.

Normal guy's these people can use you also for transferring the money they obtained through fraudulent method's they will lure you with some finance manager post or something.you are like money mule or money transferring agent for them .And if there is possibility of getting caught,its you who are going to get caught,not themselves.So don't accept any unsolicited offers and enquire about any company before joining.

Some precautionary measures:-
Be careful while checking unsolicited emails
Never give out your information to anyother website except the bank's one
Check whter you have HTTPS protocol in the adress bar or not.Bank's always use secure protocol for internet banking
Install anti-virus software, keep it up-to-date and run regular security scans
Install and learn how to use a personal firewall
Install the latest security updates, also known as patches
Maintain control over access to your computer, whether it be at your home or office

When you have completed a bank transaction, make certain to log off to break the connection with the bank's computer

Never conduct banking transactions while multiple browsers are open on your computer


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