Do you really need coaching for MBA entrances????

HEY i wrote each and every MBA entrance this year after taking coaching from a famous institute located in the heart of Delhi...
When i was in 3rd year,Some friend of mine told me about this MBA and media was also hyping about the pays of IIM's then.Since i didn't had a sound academic record[but its decent :)] ,I was left with no choice except to go for MBA as its entrance is never subjective.If i had been sound i would had tried GATE ,since its relatively easy.Most of the students appear for the CAT for the same reason.So someone has suggested me to take coaching.Since i had relatively no knowledge about the CAT then ,i aslo joined the coaching centre by paying a whopping sum of 23000/-.Now the question is did they teach you for that 23000?????

NO,No,No....All they will do is just provide you with material and some sort of guidance.The knowledge you acquire is about the various MBA institutes and the entrances they have and the analysis of their tests.Their material will just come handy for you.The teaching wont be useful to you at any time of learning.All you have to do is practice with the material they gave you.I have a friend who got 99.85 and he never went to classes.He just practiced with some other books.Finally after you get a call the coaching centre just gives a lil oral guidance about GD/PI.This GD/PI ,info about entrances and analysis,Mocks everything happens in the last 2 months before the exam.Then what about the rest 16 months where we went to classes...........

Its that all the coaching centers pass the time teaching you tricks,tips and making you read that word lists,Arranging talks with some executives and all which will in no way helpful to you.All thats going to help you in the exam is keep your head cool and never get excited.Regarding preparation just work on your basics of mathematics and practise a bit so as to get in touch with solving tricky questions.So all matters is going to mocks regularly and plan your strategy.These coaching centers are jut consultants to tell you about institutes and their entrances and conducting mocks.So if you are atleast a bit good with basics of mathematics,I suggest you to acquire material from seniors and practise for 2-3 months,Attend the mocks by paying money to some institute[TIME and Career launcher mocks are good] and just keep your head cool in the exam.Get information by visiting the site of some institute regularly as they advertise about the applications,analysis of exams which will be accessible to everyone[like www.careerlauncher.com,www.imsindia.com...]All that costs to coaching centre is just some 7000-8000 and the rest of your money is dumped up guys.. So think before you join the coaching centre.But if you are going to join,Join the best.[IMS,CL,TIME] not local coaching centres as they wont have all india comparision of students scores in the mocks


AAAh samething happened 2 me dude....You expressed my view

Thnx mr.anonymous

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