Got a Extra bed at your home???

Hey guys,If you are blogger and if you keep on going here and there on work,Here is a nice place for you


Extrabed.in - where bloggers help each other

What is extrabed?

If you have got a extra bed for your home ,You can give it to other bloggers when they come to your city,In turn When you go to their city ,they will provide you a place to reside.

Benefits :
Increasing your friends circle and sharing of knowledge
You don't have to spend a lot of bucks on hotel's whenever you go to a place for small time
The only -ve : How can we believe someone unknown to us???

If you want to host someone
Just right click your statename in the side bar of the site http://extrabed.pbwiki.com/ and add your contact details
If your are going to some city
Just click the state and then the city to see the people who want to play as host


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