Do you have in it????----A view

Note : All the things published out here are not to criticize anyone...All info provided is a view of one guy whose identity is unknown but he works for the army.

The heading is a tag line i think is known to most of u ppl.....Its seen most of the times in the employment news and recruting ads....

This is the punch line for the army of india...........

which most of the persons in us aspire to join.The army is a place presented in the movies as a hero standing on the hilltop glancing at the scenics,A group of friends reading each other letters and discussing their happinesses and their memories in the life.A nice chef providing them providing them with the qualitative food and free wine all the time..And a very cooperative offficer on the top who respects the hero.......But all of my ideas about the army on shattered when i had chat with a army guy from gwalior regement whose identity is unknown to me...But i just wanted 2 share the thinkgs i had known from him after i read article in the newspaper about the commision to investigate the atrocities on the lower cadre officials by the top cadre.

I started asking him a question that u might b njoying ur time bing in the indian army and enjoying all the previliges of the jawans.....He said instantly 'no'...and said who knows what goes inside the army......He said its not like a movie with hero having nice time out thr....A lot is thr unknown to the outside world....
I asked u ppl might b having nice cuisines out thr..He said no...the food suckss big time...no spicy things out thr as they will increase the impatiences of the person.....and chichken will be servedd only 3 times a week
The next queston is about the holidaying...He said thr are very less...I dont properly remeber the number but very lesss....He is goin now home for 10 days by breaking out a fingure..

Shedule he told 2 me so far is

4 am ---wakeup
6am ---jogging with 5kg boots and 5kg dress ...have to go **km in 25 min.
7:30 --- Bfast

I asked i think ur day will b over then...But he said no...torture starts now

They keep u busy all the day making u do small works that are of no use....U cant even bath without their permission..Each and every activity inside is controlled by the upper officers....ur eating ur sleeping and even ur cleanliness.[If ur room is not found clean,You will b immedately asked to clean all the area ,even if its midnight]...one looses the individuality inside thr...they will make u a co.If u ever turnaround on them they will post u to the border areas ...
Even the control is to tis much high extent. that your wife also has to obey to the orders of the superiror officer wife in the family welfare meets...She asks her to sing ,she should...Else the oficers will scold you not your wife...
The other thing is u cant even get out of thr when u want to...bcoz u ll b in a bond wid them for 15 years when u join the indian army...
No ONe is thr 2 care for u..The pressure from the upper officials is mounted on u all the time...This thing is leading to depressions in some soldiers leading to their suicides...He quoted me a eg of some lieutenant who commited a suicide recently bcoz of torture.......i asked wheter he will leave it after 15 yrs..He said who will take us ?? v ll hang out here only waiting for new prmotions....noone out here is gonna leave...............

He then ill prefer this job to only those who have no other chance...

With indian govt spending suchhuge bucks on the defense ,They should atleast care for the base of the army.,The soldiers who fight for the country...provide them the personal freedom they want...tHe facilities provided rock but dont torture them as u provide he facilties....

THE it u have in ur tag line shound be

courage to defend the country
Bravery to fight the enemy
kindness to help the needy
pride as part of the indian army

but not



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