What's the selection criteria of IT companies ??

Frankly nothing.They don't need anything.There is n't some particular criteria for these people to select the trainees.They can take anyone.Neither your educational excellence matters nor your intelligence.All you need is a degree with 60% and you can easily get a job in a MNC.

I saw hundreds of people getting placed in front of me without knowing anything about a computer in IT companies.Technical interviews are just crap.All they ask is your hobbies in a tech interview.A HR interview is nothing but just some questions about you and your family.If you are able to speak English all the way,you will clear these interviews without big effort.Very few people will be there who are really asked the stuff which is really meant to be asked.

The most comical thing I find about these people is that the one who presents the powerpoint presentation can't even speak English properly.It's just that your college management should satisfy the HR with suitable perks to them and a big number of students will be in.Clearing the first round of interview i.e written test is just a game of luck.I don't think they check those papers.I personally tested this thing.One time a group of 6 of my friends submitted the same answers by cooperating with each other.2 guys only solved the questions in them and the rest just copied their answers.To my surprise those 2 guys names didn't feature in the selected guys and the ones who copied the same answers were in.Since there is nothing technical asked in tech interviews , Interviews are nothing but the interviewers wish who will select you if his mood is great by asking you some questions like about yourself , hobbies to test your English knowledge.

Recently , HR of these companies are taking money for back door entries.One of my friend has even entered in a Hyderabad based software giant by paying 1.5 lakhs.This year lot of entries had been done this way in that company.The college in which my friend is studying has placed 44 students inside this company by just making the students pay 1.5 lakh each.By the way people are saying these companies are recruiting people in each way possible because they have that much great number of projects.But what about the quality of work these companies are going to present to their clients with this kind of workforce ???.At onetime getting a job in a software company is a mix of hard work and dedication for people,Now its just a game of luck and nothing else.If you have luck on the day , you will be in.

So next time you want a software job , you don't need to go through your concepts and all.Just relax and go.If it's your day , you will be in.


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