How to carry a computer in a train ??

Im back home after a long journey again.As my engineering is completed , I had to vacate my hostel.Vacating the hostel is not a problem , but carrying the computer in journey is a nightmare.I can't dare to send it in parcel van as they throw the things like some ball in parcel vans.I went to station a day earlier and found out the details.They told me to come 2 hrs earlier to the station to pay for the luggage.My train is scheduled to depart at around 3 PM and I left to station from college at around 11:30.After getting down from cab, I hired a porter and then took the luggage to the parcel office in platform 12.One can find commision agents there.My luggage actually counted to 90kgs.They asked me 100 rs and told the officer that its just 70 kgs and made him write a slip.Then they took me to the booking counter where the bill will be made.The person who came with me asked for 50 rs more as his commision which I rejected.He brought his group members for 50 rs.I told them that Ill complain to the manager if they keep on irritating me.Someone of them understood the situation and asked others to leave.After some hectic platform changing , I got into train which came almost 1 and half hour late [Typical hindustani train ].

The train is headed to kerala and Tamil naidu.So its full of tamilians and keralites.Now setting up computer in berths is a whole big problem.They dont understand my problem , nor I understand their language.They didnt allow me to put my monitor in between the berths as it will reduce their legroom.I requested for a long time and finally they agreed on a condition that they will dine on my monitor.I hate them doing that but I had to agree.To gain something , we need to loose some.Things were fine till evening.Suddenly one of the tamil woman started sitting on ma monitor.I asked her to get up as its fragile.She said no I wont.She even started saying that it wont break easily.The bad hing is she didnt understand what is monitor ?? All the rest 5 stupid passengers got into a quarrel with me that I should remove my monitor from there or else the woman will sit on it [ All are from her place ] .We quarelled for sometime until one BSF jawan from adjacent berth who claimed himself to be a literate told them in tamil that Its like a TV and they should not sit on it.He told the woman to get up and she did.Looks like some regional feelings do creeped inside her after that guy told her.

The next day they messed up the whole place while doing the dine and even spilled some sambar on my monitor.Actually I was furious about it.But to keep the monitor there,I was just smiling all the time like some diplomat.The worst thing is they dried the kids underwear on my monitor.I objected this time and they said we are just drying on the carton not on the monitor inside it.They again started asking why I have problem with everything.I had to tell them all the provisions of Indian railways about luggage after this and finally I complained to TT who told them that I have everything and they can't deny me from keeping my luggage there.But it was too late and I was seriously screwed up by then.I got down from the train at around 12 in the midnight hours of the next day.

The worst thing is all this costed me more than 1000 rs apart from ticket.

Backhome the Harddisk has crashed and I have to buy it and also I need to get a new connection.So Im blogging from elsewhere.So guys have patience and be with us.


im laughin so hard just readin your post. funny how those people dine and dry their undies on your monitor.

no hard feelins, but the way i understand and seen india's rail system, it's really bad. people kinda hang everywhere from the train and even up on the train.
you should post a pic or two to show us the real situation.

Lol, Maan,

1. You should have not taken it on a train. (its not safe on a flight either)

2. Container consignments are safe, i have shifted almost every time it was safe as an egg.!!

3. You should regret the way you kindle regional hatred being in India (unity in diversity -!! shame on you)

4.Region or Language does not have to do anything with understanding about computer parts. Many MCA guys do not know what a LCD is or what a BUS means. So stop expecting too much from the not even 50% literate India. - Try to teach people rather expect from them. What would you have done if it were Telugu speaking people, drying panties on your monitor? - Huh?

4. Bad idea to quarrel on a train! You should have tried carrying your monitor on the flight!! lol your monitor would have been presented as Pieces,

PS: i do not know how people sitting on your monitor could corrupt your HDD - LOL height of the joke!

Grow Up man - post this if you got GUTS!!

BTW you where traveling to which place from where

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LOL.. You should have said that the box has a bomb inside...

Its pretty easy to carry Computers/desktops (CPU+VDU).
All you need to do is to reach the railway station atleast 2 hrs earlier so that you can manage even if there is a queue. Generally the Luggage booking counters are on platform 1.Atleast I found in Bangalore central, Yeshwantpur- its in platform 2, KR Puram its in platform 1. Approach the booking clerk, show your travel ticket and ask to book your computer as luggage to be carried with you.
The clerk will provide you a pink receipt for the same with the following details written on it(Your Name, bangalore address, destination city as printed on your ticket, train number and travel date). Ensure the clerk stamps the receipt which is actually the carbon copy. They keep the main receipt. The desktop cost me Rs 290 till 1600 Kms of travel.
This is very safe and sound technique to travel hassel free in trains with excess luggage like computer. My friend coughed Rs 800 as penalty to indian rail and bribed Rs 200 to RPF when he travelled with his computer ignorant of luggage booking facility. Hope this blog will certainly help you out for a tension free travel. You can write me at himansu.malla@hotmail.com

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Thank you Subhash for your post. I have many lessons from your post. As first thing i have got to know how to carry computer in train... i was searching in google about the rules to carry computer in train. anyway thanks dude.

Anonymous said...
Thank you Subhash for your post. I have many lessons from your post. As first thing i have got to know how to carry computer in train... i was searching in google about the rules to carry computer in train. anyway thanks dude.


from assam

Can we carry 40 Inch LED TV on train (Chair car)along with us in compartment or do i need to book it as luggage.

Travelling in South Indian trains can sometimes be real nightmares for North Indians especially because of acute linguistic discrimination in these parts.

I also having same experience. When i shift From Hyderabad To Guwahatyi,I book my all house hold luggage Globel movers and packers and that person name is G. Sridhar. they brought my luggage in trains and took fare of truck. Some items are broken at the time of receiving, i Checked few imp. items which is good condition ,but all are not.So be careful.

Hehe.. I was thinking of carrying a LED tv with me but after your exprience, I'm in doubt..should I carry it????????

i want to carry my pc , help 2000 kms

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