Recover your data even when your system is not bootable

Nothing is forever.Your data is not a exception.Where ever you store it ,something unusual might happen and result in loss of data.Sometimes you might had deleted your files with out sending to recycle bin using [Shift+delete] , or your hard disk has developed some bad sector or some malicious program or virus might had creeped into your pc resulting is loss of important data.In such cases How will you recover your data ???

Active File recovery has got a data recovery software for you, which has the ability to effectively recover data as a result of having been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost.They claim that it is the only way to recover your data even if your system is not bootable.

How is it possible ??

They take advantage of the fact that the actions performed when emptying the Windows Recycle Bin are reversible. When a file is deleted, the operating system only changes the attribute of the space used by the file from an "occupied" status to an "available" status. The file’s information is hidden until it can be unlocked by a recovery utility. It is a good idea to avoid writing files to the affected drive partition to steer clear of writing over data that you wish to recover.

Active file recovery software is available in five different versions

Active@ File Recovery Demo Version : The Demo version is fully functional but limited only to recovering deleted files up to 64 KB.
Active@ File Recovery Standard :Get accidentally deleted files back. Data recovery software for all Windows file systems.
Active@ File Recovery Professional : A package that contains Active File Recovery and Active@ Partition Recovery, the utility to recover deleted files or damaged partitions.
Active@ File Recovery Enterprise : Installation package contains Active@ File Recovery, Active@ Partition Recovery, as well as a downloadable Bootable Windows ISO Image that you can burn to CD-ROM.
Active@ File Recovery Internet Service : Active@ File Recovery Internet Service gives you the ability to recover lost or deleted files on any Windows PC connected to the Internet.

Note : These softwares are not free and you need to order these.

So recover deleted files even when your hard disk crashes now with Active file recovery software.You can try demo version also.


"When a file is deleted, the operating system only changes the attribute of the space used by the file from an "occupied" status to an "available" status."
We must not also forget that data cannot be recovered if new data has been written on it. We should not move, copy or create new data until the data is recovered.


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