How to open folders just by typing their name in the run dialogue ?

I mentioned How to create shortcuts to folders in my earlier post .But many a shortcuts on your desktop might create a mess.So what if you can access the folders just by typing their name in the run dialogue ?

  • create a shortcut to the folder as I told in my earlier post.
  • Now rename that shortcut which will be like this "Shortcut to music" to some name like music etc.
  • Now move the shortcut to windows directory i.e C:\windows by default and you are done
Now go to run and just type the shortcut name and you can open the folder.

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This is very handy, thanks for the tip. I never even thought about doing this. I ran into a program last week called Executor that essentially do this same thing and plus much more.

Thanks for checking out my blog by the way as well. Please come by and comment. Your site will get a free link on the homepage if you post enough.

very useful tips..Like you said, my desktop full of shortcut, making it a bit messy..

I'm gonna clean up my desktop and when I need to open certain folder, I will just type it..

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