How to do Google search from Command line ??

Are you a command line junkie who wants to do everything by typing a command in your keyboard ? Wanna go googling through your command line ?? Here is a website for you which has done this project and they made a online Google command line editor.


Here is the list of commands that can be used for Google.You have full list of commands on the above link for other google tools also like Google news,google maps,google local and all.Here is the sample list of google commands listed on the website
/google string
Searches string using google's default web search.
/lucky string
Searches string using google's default web search and redirects to the first result.
/img string
Searches string in Google Images.
/title string
Searches for pages which contains string in its title.
/directory string
Searches Google's Webpage Directory for string.
You have to type this commands only on the bottom text box of the link given above as shown in the figure.They are not intended for Google homepage.It can be used by you from anywhere at anytime.


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