Crash :(

Argh !! my HDD crashed yesterday due to some unknown reasons.Looks like the SMPS gave some problem.Some transistors got burnt and fumes came out of it at one moment.Scared me , I attached my roomies HDD to my pc and thank god , other components are just working fine.

I was out today to Nehru place to check out some stuff.A one and half hour journey in a delhi private bus in 40 degree day .You can guess whats my condition now !!

I found prices dropped down a lot these days.Everything has got cheaper.A 250 Gb Hdd is just 2930/- and a portable 80gb HDD is just 2300. I checked out some laptops also.Hp ones are looking affordable and best buys there.But the heat was scorching.No sunscreen is going to protect you from Delhi's heat.I was standing on a divider and a heat wave which might because of heat reflection came from the road passed by.That single wave took everything out of me and I was dehydrating in few minutes.I had to take a juice and some cold milk to get back to normal position.It looked to me that it's much hotter than south. I wondered How delhi government banned 30% tinting of vehicle windows ?I understood why people are scolding the new rules !

I completed the work as faster as I can and I returned again after a one hour journey.After such a hectic day , I tried to post something for readers.But I m not in a condition atleast to search for some content now.So , nothing technical for the day folks.Ill b back tommorow.

Goood night.Sayyonara.Bye Bye...


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