where am I ??

You might be wondering " why I'm not posting regularly since the last few days ?? " .Its not due to lack of content as some of my reader has asked.

I'm actually a bit busy preparing the thesis of my 8 months B.tech project for partial fulfillment as part of completion of degree.I designed a drowsy driver detection system as the part of project.Tomorrow is the finale date of submission and Im busy making my report and getting a hard copy of it.Ill return with a large number of posts once Im done with my project.Moreover vacations are going to start.It means more content to my readers.

Just stay tuned people.I'm never short of content.......


hi expert, i need your advice.
why is it that my pc internet connection is now slow like snail? previously it was fast. but now just to load a page is the time i take to make a coffee.
i'll spend you coffee,pls help me will you. thanks and good luck on your thesis.

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