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Adsense never shows you your earnings in the form of graphs.Also its a bit frustrating to login into your adsense account every hour to check how much you have earned ?? You might be looking for some desktop notifier which will show you your earnings by automatically refreshing itself ??I'm listing some tools here which can help you in getting notified about your earnings and display them in proper graphs.

Sysense : SysSense is your personal desktop Google AdSense monitor. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray. You can monitor an unlimited number of Google AdSense accounts. A sound and/or system tray icon balloon can be configured to alert you when your statistics have changed.Its just a 1 Mb download.Go and get it.

Adsense Alert : Adsense Alert is a desktop client version of the Google Adsense System with many extra features added.You now have instant access from your desktop to your Adsense information, you can set the update interval and Adsense Alert will automatically download the latest information available.Trial version has got all features except printing results and saving options.So you can consider it free.

AdsenseLog : It will help you in monitoring, tracking and analyzing your adsense account.You can set the interval in which it can refresh.It notifies you when there is change in your adsense earning.It shows your earnings information in proper graphs.It helps you in analyising your impressions,CTR and all.Its free for those who earn below 100$ per month else it will cost you 50$.A crazy offer I think :)

Adsense notifier browser Addons :

Adsense Notifier for Firefox : Adsense Notifier simply shows your adsense stats on the status bar and updates the stats automatically. This is wonderful for anyone who needs to check their stats every three seconds to see if they have gotten any more clicks or whether there is a change in their earnings.It shows your earnings just beside the progress bar in the right bottom part of Firefox.

Enough for these windows users.Let me provide something for the Mac's.I got a good tool for you.

Adsense widget for OSX dashboard : This widget from TigerWidgets.co.uk allows you to view your Google AdSense™ reports directly from your OS X Dashboard.It shows you your earnings of last 6 days in tabular form.Reports for the current day are downloaded even if your Dashboard is not reloaded (or your computur is put to sleep).It has also got automatic refreshing for intervals ranging from 5 min to one hour.

Google and Yahoo Adsense Widgets :

Adsense yahoo widget : The Google Adsense Widget is designed for the Yahoo Widgets engine and will Windows, and should work on Mac OSX [ Tell me if it does ] .You can download the widget from here.It can also be downloaded through Yahoo widgets gallery.

Adsense status gadget for Google desktop :View earnings information from your Google Adsense account in the Google Desktop sidebar. Available information: page impressions, clicks, page CTR, page eCPM, and your earnings.

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