Adsense preview tool

I saw a post on Amit's blog , in which he talked about his new adsense preview tool , Adsense Sandbox.He launched a new online tool for Adsense publishers so that they can see the latest ads in the Google inventory for their keywords and URL's.Unlike the official Google Adsense Preview tool which is only available as an IE add-on, the Adsense Sandbox is available to all browsers through internet.It shows all types of ads including rich media ones.You even have the option of seeing what ads will appear on your webpages in other countries.Since the Adsense Sandbox tool uses random Adsense Publisher IDs, advertisers are not charged by Google for ad impressions or ad-clicks generated though this tool.

I tested this tool and I wondered it's showing exactly the same ads which Im seeing on my blog.I checked the ads from other country.I opened my blog through the proxy and I found the same ads as the sandbox tool is showing.I recommend this tool which is much better than Google adsense preview tool for previewing your ads for different keywords and URL's.


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