Orkut widget for your blog

I don't recommend this thing regarding its design as I didn't find it comfortable to my eyes.If you like it, it's ok.Im actually writing about this thing because it might be helpful to some of you when you edit the code like changing the images that are hyperlinking to make it more beautiful.If you do it tell me , Ill give your link here

Techbangalore has actually made this code.If you don't have a blog and you have some other webpage, you can use the code in this page

In the code available in the above link,you have to insert your profile URL , scrapbook URL message URL and all from orkut by searching and replacing in the code as the author did'nt work out on providing something more convenient to the users.After that you can put this on blog.Its not like some scripted widget , instead its coded just by hyperlinking with images.I'm lazy to upload each image on web and hyperlink.So I didnt make one.If you want you can make one by seeing the above code.

If you are blogger beta user, Go to Techbangalore ---> check the right sidebar---> In that below his orkut widget you can see "Add orkut profile to your blog ".Click on it and follow the steps to add the widget to your new blogger template.