How to add Yahoo ! online presence to your web page ?

Showing your online presence helps your readers to give you feedbacks or ask some questions.If you want to show your online presence, Yahoo ! has a feature for doing this.All you need to do is simply place a HTML code in your webpage.

Yahoo online presence HTML creator

Just change the default "dairyman88" with your's and copy the code.This code will display images which show whether you are online or offline. When the user clicks on this image, it will open a new chat window through which any visitor can send you a message. Even if you are not online,the visitor can still send a message and you will be able to view it when you sign in next time.

You can also use this code elsewhere where you want people to socialize with you online through yahoo like forums,discussion boards....Spamming increases with this kind of things normally.So I recommend you to use another Yahoo ! ID before you insert the code.

Thnx to Mr.Byte.


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