Microsoft online file storage : Windows live folders

Software giant , Microsoft has released its online file hosting and sharing service , Windows Live Folders beta. Right now the site is not public for some unknown reasons.Windows Live Folder currently provides 500 MB of free storage space while individual files should be less than 50 MB in size.It was earlier announced with codename Live Drive.

One can upload a file in live folders and the file will be assigned a unique URL.You can upload your files through your browser.Right now they are not offering any desktop tool to upload the files like AOL Xdrive.You can share your files with others by provinding the URL of the file.

As per Liveside , "Windows Live Folders it not a difficult to use service, folder creation is straightforward, as it the uploading of files. Microsoft is aiming Windows Live Folders towards a large as market as possible, so the basic procedures need to be simple to promote adoption amongst the less tech-savy. The use of AJAX to create new folders is nice, though the rest of the site could do with a little too. As we've seen with Windows Live Hotmail though, too much of a good thing can be bad."

Microsoft has got ahead this time in releasing this service earlier than Google this time.Lets wait to see what Google is going to add in its Gdrive.I expect Google will surely shock MS with something more.

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