How to close your laptop lid without keeping your laptop in standby mode ??

Almost all laptops go into standby mode to save the battery charge,when you close the lid.Unlike desktop where you can switch of monitor and continue your downloads , Laptop has only one option i.e closing the lid and it takes the lappie to standby mode interrupting your download.So is there anyway to over ride this rule ??
Yes,by changing power options in your control panel you can do this.Follow the steps below.

  • Navigate as follows : Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options
  • Now click on the advanced tab as shown in the fig below.
Now you can choose any option you want here. “Do nothing” is recommended while closing the lid as shown in the fig. Now enjoy unlimited downloads in your lappie by opening and closing the lid.
Image source and courtesy : Techbuzz


I did this on my laptop and it worked fine until I installed the Windows update now the setting returns to standby after a few minutes. Don't know why though.

i have been using my laptop without this option for last 2 years and always wondered there has to be some optionslike this.... thanks a lot bro.

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