How to show your archives in a drop down menu in blogger ?

Archives are links showing the dates or periods in which you had earlier posted.As number of days increases,your archives also increases.In the past 3 months, I posted almost everyday and that long line of archives appeared to be messing up my homepage.So I removed it.Two days before I received a mail from one of my loyal reader [ admin of techblo ] asking me "How to navigate to my previous posts in the last month as I don't have any links for my archives ??"
So I thought about it and then this idea of drop down menu struck my mind as that wont mess up my homepage.So how to introduce drop down menu of archives in your website ??
Just paste the code below in place of default archive code in template.If you are interested in modifying the look of your drop-down menu, you can alter the background colour and text colour by changing the hexidecimal values in style="background-color:#FFFFFF; color :#000000", using either different hexidecimal values, eg: #FF0000, or simply names of colours, e.g. green.

Code for showing your archives in drop down menu - Archive drop down menu script

Thanks to Roveberg for providing this code.You can also check my post on "How to post Adsense ads in blogger posts ? "

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