Student gets suspended for creating custom counterstrike map of his school

Counterstrike may be a addiction to most of the teenagers today.Even I was a addict once.I talked about this earlier in my article Video Game addiction.You can create any custom map in this game using map editors available on the internet or you can download from other gaming websites.But things went wrong for a student when he has been suspended from his school for creating a custom map of the school itself.
The whole story came just after the Virginia shooting as a cautious parent called the Clements High School to inform that his child was playing a video game which involved killing and took place inside an animated map of Clements High School. School authorities then found a website which had that map for download, but unfortunately the creator of the map was a student at their school.
Law enforcement authorities were informed and they questioned the teenager. According to the police, the teenager never intended to cause any violence or to kill someone. His locker and computer were searched, but they found nothing illegal.
But suspending a student for this cause is not a good thing as he did nothing to hurt the schools reputation.Instead of suspending the student which might cause the fury in him,they might had warned him and told him to use his knowledge for other good and better things.Many guys cant create custom maps at college levels and he did it in school level.He should be appreciated rather than punished.Am I right ????

source : techbuzz


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