How to increase your bandwidth utilisation by 20 percent in windows XP?

Windows doesn't use the your bandwidth fully as it limits utilisation to 80 % for windows updates , spyware checks and all that other stuff.If you want to utilise the remaining 20 % follow the steps below.

  • Open group policy editor [Start --> Run --> gpedit.msc ]
  • Now go to administrative templates in the right pane.
  • Now in the right side pane , click on network
  • Go to QOS packet scheduler now
  • There you will find the option " Limit reservable bandwidth "
  • open it and check enable
  • change the bandwidth limit from 20 % to 0%.
Click ok and you are done.Now restart your pc and enjoy surfing with increased speed.


Hi Subhash,
I linked you post here.

I believe this is an urban legend. The bandwidth is not "wasted." It is all available unless you are using something which uses a QoS service, then if that is the case the higher priority QoS items can monopolize the top 20% of bandwidth and compete equally for the remaining bandwidth. If you are not using QoS then the bandwidth is not set aside. In any case it is never wasted, only dedicated to the highest priority QoS items.

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